Urban Healers of LA Policies and Structure:

It is my goal to communicate with others in a productive and empowering way.  My effort here at Urban Healers of LA is to connect with people and build a community of leaders who communicate well and support each other with respect.

If you need to reschedule please give as much notice as possible. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, I do not offer a refund or a free reschedule, as I have reserved time for you as well as put energy into preparing for our session together.  It is important to set aside time for the appointment you’ve made so that the discover process can be as effective as possible.

In accordance with California’s 2002 alternative health care law, please note: Jessica Hagan is not a licensed medical doctor or therapist in the state of California. She is offers alternative pathways to releasing physical and emotional pain that are not recognized as official by national medical standards. She agrees to provide professional services in accordance with her specific acquired training and experience as stated in her bio. Her Services utilize the framework and techniques of Family Constellations work, Internal Family Systems work, and other alternative healing methods. Services do not include the practice of professional talk therapy or pharmaceutical medicine and are legally non-diagnostic. Family Systems Constellation practitioners are not issued licenses by any state governmental agency. 

Please visit our ABOUT PAGE to confirm the training experience Jessica Hagan offers. 

Refund Policy for workshops:   Refunds requested two weeks before the event will be fully refunded.  Refund requests after two weeks prior will be given a credit towards our next workshop or towards a private session.  

Refund Policy for private sessions:

I offer a full refund if you cancel two days before the session.  

There are no refunds or reschedules if you cancel last minute. Please understand that I begin working on our session together far before our actual meeting. Be certain you are ready to meet and that you have given yourself enough time to attend the session. 

We provide a safe environment for self-discovery and community support.  

New to Constellations work? Please feel free to ask as many questions as needed.  We hope you leave the workshop with an invaluable new way of understanding your family system and your right place in that family.

Your reservation payment holds your place in the workshop to participate as a witness and a representative in a client’s constellation.  In this role, you benefit from participating in the exploration of the client’s issue and helping to bring complex and difficult family dynamics into a more compassionate order.  By participating as a representative, you also receive the healing energy of the clients’ constellation, even if it isn’t addressing your family field.  Participating as a representative is voluntary.  You are free to step out of the activity at any time.

Workshop Etiquette:

Please plan to stay for the entire time. It is helpful to dedicate the whole day to Constellations work even when the workshop ends.  Keeping other appointments can minimize the processing time you need to really integrate the messages you received in the workshop. Clearing your schedule for the healing work helps give space to all you will learn in the gathering.  This is not a “drop-in” group so please arrive ten minutes early and try your best to stay and support all the Constellations for that day.  We will be doing deep and vulnerable work together and building a private container for everyone to learn and grow safely. If you cannot be present for the entire length of the workshop please let the facilitator know.

Registrants will be subscribed to our mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Legal Agreement between facilitator and participant

  • The participant understands that participation in any portion of a Family Constellations workshop or private session is entirely voluntary. Further, the participant understands that Family Constellations and life guidance sessions involve self-exploration and personal growth and are not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. Participant agrees that if they are under the care of a therapist or medical doctor, they will inform the facilitator of the nature of this work. Further, the participant agrees to advise the facilitator, Jessica Hagan, if they are taking any medication for any physical or psychological conditions that may affect their participation ability. This information will remain strictly confidential. 
  • Jessica Hagan reserves all rights to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time for any reason. Further, changes in the structure of the constellations workshop may be made at any time when deemed necessary for the health, comfort, convenience, and safety of the participants.
  • By attending a workshop, the participant expressly agrees to hold Jessica Hagan harmless for any damages, loss, or expense caused by any act or omission by herself, her workshop coordinator or other participants.
  • Participants attend this workshop at their own risk and will hold all other workshop participants harmless in the event that you fall ill after the workshop. The participant takes full responsibility for your attendance and is free to provide any protection for your own health that you see fit. Participant promises to attend the workshop only if they are in good health.
Workshop Policies & Legal Information