What is Family Constellations work?

What is Family Constellations work?

What is Family Constellations work? For people totally new to Family Systems Constellation work, it can a challenge to explain what it’s all about because Constellations work is experiential.  Rather than using the language of the mind, it speaks in the language of the heart through dynamic interactions with others.

Family Systems Constellation work teaches us of the importance of recognizing how we are all born into a specific and unique family system.  The depth of influence our family of orign has on us is often overlooked.  But if we are alive, we are functioning in a unique family system that has very specific rules we must follow whether we know those rules or not. Even if no member of our family is alive, we still came from a legacy of ancestors starting with two parents and four grandparents who had opinions and perspectives that shape our own views today.  

Each system has rules we unconsciously obey in order to belong in that system.

When those rules are not followed we suffer the pain of exclusion.  Sometimes exclusion leads to personal growth but most often that same personal growth leads back to a longing to have peace in the dynamics of our family of origin.  Finding peace with our family does not require the cooperation of any living member in our family.  Finding peace with our family involves navigating and releasing our own expectations and beliefs that are causing pain.

We belong in our family system.  Everyone in the system belongs in that system.  Exclusion of any member of the family system is the cause of pain.  Inclusion of the exiled aspect restores peace.  This is what Family Constellations work reveals time and again.

If you are still asking: What is Family Constellations work? Here is an introduction given by Doris Fischer.