What does the Hawk mean?

What does the Hawk mean?

Spirit Animal Studies Questionnaire Self-Guided Life Guidance

Since the animals can not speak human languages, their messages must be translated.  How do we do that?  Here are a few exercises to guide you to deciphering what an animal visitor may be trying to tell you.  

Whenever we encounter an animal, we are being invited to deepen our ability to observe the obvious.  Animals are not subtle and they do not speak in double meanings.  Their messages are found in our ability to observe the obvious, which, oddly enough, isn’t quite so straightforward! 

Here is an example questionnaire to guide you into a conversation with an animal visitor you might encounter.  In this example we will use the hawk.  Feel free to answer the questions with any animal you might meet.

What does a visit from a Hawk mean? How to hear the messages of animals

What does the Hawk mean?

What does a hawk eat? How does it obtain food? 

What does the hawk do with its feet?

What does the Hawk mean?
What does the Hawk mean?

What is the primary texture of the Hawk?

What quality of energy does this texture evoke?  

What do feathers do for the hawk?

How does this relate to what might be needed in a situation occurring in your life right now?

What is the hawk famous for?  

What does the Hawk mean?
What does the Hawk mean?

What do YOU know about the hawk?  

Time to journal! Answer the questions above then read on

Hawk is a hunter.  She pursues her food with razor-sharp claws and beak which hold the power of tearing away.  Some animals weave webs for food.  Some animals dig or forage.  The hark hones in and claws for what she is after.  How does this relate to the issue at hand in your life? What needs to be torn away at this time? What needs to be pursued without wavering?  This is an energy of aggression and precision.  Summon the spirit of the Hawk within and ask Her to guide you through your current dilemma.

Hawk flies.  She sees a birds-eye view of a larger picture.  She is not bogged down in details.  Her energy carries tremendous movement and powers of detachment.  It is time to release and gain higher ground.  Distance keeps relationships healthy.

Hawks claim to fame is astounding vision.  Her intense gaze cuts through all lies and deceptions.  Her Spirit Animal teaching is a messenger of truth who is not afraid to say what needs to be said to facilitate improvement for everyone involved. 

How do these observations about the hawk relate to a current situation in your life at this time?  The hawk holds very specific energy that is unlike all other animal energies.  And that energy is present in the situation of your inquiry.  How do these energies relate to what is going on in your life right now?


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