What does the Whale Spirit Animal Totem Mean? AKASHIC RECORDS

Whale Spirit Animal Totem

The Whale Spirit Animal Totem is one of the oldest teachers on earth.  This elder has seen the passing of not only centuries but millennia.  And her wisdom is as vast as the ocean.  Information can never be lost, only forgotten. And what can be forgotten can be remembered.  While the Deer Spirit Animal Totem guides us into healthy forgetting, Whale is signaling a time that you now have greater resources to deal with what needs to be forgotten.  You are a much larger being than you may realize and at any time, you are always invited to connect with the infinite field of knowledge Whale holds.  The messages of Whale will be low and subtle.  You will need to find a quiet place to sit and listen when you want to enter her library of records.

The whale is the world’s largest mammal and teaches lessons in vibration and sound.  Whale Medicine is all about hearing the faint soft voices, the low-frequency messages, and maintaining remote bonds that are real and strong, though far away.

Whales are able to communicate across vast oceanic distances via low-frequency sound vibrations. In this way, the whale’s throat is technically their ‘ear’ because they send and receive vibrations which are felt as wave language.  We also experience wave language but often do not pay attention to what we hear because we are so oriented toward verbal communication.  But non-verbal sounds carry a great deal of information when we attune ourselves to listening to the world differently.

Whales are not able to completely sleep at sea due to the danger of drowning if rendered unconscious. The adaptation for this dilemma is that the two hemispheres of the whale’s brain take turns sleeping. Thus the whale is often simultaneously awake and sleeping.  This speaks of the ability to rest while working and to trust your autonomic nervous system to take care of you.

Whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whales is held the Akashic records, containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. This could also be called the Knowing Field, and is a non-physical dimension of energetic information.  Shamanic practices journey into the Knowing Field or Akashic records whenever they seek to bring healing to a person or situation.  And it is the Whale who is the honored Record Keeper of all events past, present, and future in the cosmos. Their strange song rings a knowing of astral realms and elemental depths beyond our comprehension and beyond time. They are an audible expression of the wonder and majesty of the cosmos, dreaming and awake at once.

If Whale is visiting, sounds are crisp and isolated with deeper meaning than usual. The crinkle of grocery bags, the honk of a car, the hum of a refrigerator, all things ring an unlikely song in Earth’s symphony. When whale medicine is singing in your life, the tone of what people say communicates more effectively than the words they use. Whale asks that you switch between the two hemispheres of your brain as well as the two hemispheres of your being and listen without added mental logic to the truth of a given tone.

Whale Spirit Animal Positive Affirmations:

  • No information is ever lost. I can find what I need to know.
  • I have within all the knowledge I need.
  • I listen to how a message is said for deeper knowledge about the message. 
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Whale Spirit Animal Totem
Whale Spirit Animal Totem
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