Happiness is a choice

Which is the right choice to make in my life each day?

To answer this, we must first make a decision – (a choice) about whether we believe it is possible to make a “right” choice or if we believe there is no way to know what is right or wrong. Can we know? Is right and wrong knowable? This primary choice is the foundation for living in a right or wrong way.

There is right. And there is wrong. We have no choice but to choose. The right choice does exist.

Right feels consistently good. Wrong feels consistently bad. The word ‘consistently‘ is the key here to distinguishing between brief pleasures and the tranquility of walking in an enduring right good way. We can say that drinking alcohol brings good feelings. But because there is a fee for this short-lived “good” experience, which involves feeling very bad, drinking alcohol does not lead to enduring peace. There are many other similar choices that bring brief enjoyment and an expensive fee.

True wellness is only a wellness that is sustained.

True wellness can be found and sustained.

Do you agree?

Your answer will determine your ability to find true wellness. It can only be found from a specific frame of mind and every single frame of mind is our choice to engage.

You must choose your world view. It is not possible to live life without some sort of premise or world view. Even if our world view is so-called “agnostic” or “scientific”, this too is one chosen view out of many. Is your world view life-affirming, or life-destroying? Do you believe lasting wellness can be found?

If you are not sure what your world view is, ask yourself how much time each day is spent feeling good and how much time is spent in anger, frustration, sadness, or physical pain?

How honest are you being in your answer here? Our ego is very very smart. Our ego is crazy smart- literally. It knows all the right answers and it can provide those answers from inside an utter act of defiance and self-sabotage. When asked, “What’s wrong?” The ego can smile and reply, “Nothing.”

It is up to us to dig in and demand the truth. Assess how much of your day you are enjoying vs how much you are willfully insisting you are enjoying. What is the point of lying about this to an audience of one, yourself? Are you enjoying the day? Do you think it is possible to maintain lasting peace and enjoyment?

To find lasting peace, we must each start with making a decision that it is possible to find. This decision determines if we will find what we seek because we always find what we seek. In this way, what comes to us in a given day is exactly what we were seeking by the very fact that it has come to us. Life is not random. Life is not chaos. Chaos is only known from a limited perspective that does not see greater cause and effect. To the limited mind, surprises seem random and uncontrollable. What happens in your life is informing you of what you believe, whether you know what you believe or not. We find what we seek. Are you surprised by what has come? If so, look at what you believe.

When you choose to believe that true wellness can be sustained, relationships can endure, and communcation is possible- you have become a conscious creator of Peace on Earth. It starts within you. Where else could it possibly start?