Vaulters of Trine

Inner Life Book 1 of the Vaulters of Trine Science Fiction Series

-By Jess Hagan

Vaulters of Trine

Greetings, Earthlings.  Here is a science fiction story series for your consideration and investigation that pulls together all the healing arts studies I have engaged in for the past several decades.  I hope you find inspiration and guidance in this project of passion.  Let me tell you a story…

The Vaulters of Trine are on a mission to find the lost human worlds, excavate the buried vault grids on those primitive worlds and uplift their ancient and far away relations out of their gravity-bound limitations.


Before the Great Time Storm eons ago, all creatures of the M-Way Galaxy possessed biologically advanced chakra systems which enabled them to project (vault) their consciousness into newborn life forms on distant planets. Through meditation, yoga, and quantum math, a vaulter can live multiple simultaneous lives elsewhere across the galaxy. These second selves are born into the bodies of the indigenous plants and animals of other worlds but hold an alien ‘visitor’ awareness among the local inhabitants.

After the Great Time Storm, the galactic community of vaulting worlds was destroyed. A dark age of violence overtook many planets as their vault grids (quantum gates – large stones in the shape of sacred geometry used for vaulting) fell into ruin. Only one country (Trine) on one planet(Cryja) maintained the metaphysical skills of self-projection.

Because of their advanced metaphysical biology, the humans of Cryja excel like no other in the energetic arts of vault science, the art of self-projection. Of the seven countries comprising Cryjas surface, the far north country of Trine holds the highest standards of excellence in technique and technology of remote life projection. Endowed not only with five physical senses, Cryjan’s also bore a complex subtle electromagnetic biology known as omaics. The tiny vortexes of light found nestled up and down the length of their spines served as launching pads for self-projection into any and all manner of living forms found elsewhere in the galaxy. In this way, vaulters live not one life, but multiple lives simultaneously all across the stars.

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