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We are in a constant conversation with health, wellness, and spiritual connection. Here is a catalog of our most passionate interests in the Healing Arts.  We hope you find these articles useful and inspiring.

A blog about A Course In Miracles

If you are reading A Course In Miracles, you may find this blog a helpful supplement to your journey. It is recommended to begin this course from the first lesson and go in numerical sequence. 

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A blog about the healing arts

My interest in the healing arts is inexhaustible.  In this blog, you can find articles on a variety of topics ranging from trauma recovery to gluten-free bread and awesome music.  Here is where we chat about upcoming events, explore the latest innovations in self-discovery, and applaud leaders in the field of healing.

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A blog about Power Animal Life Guidance

Animals are our teachers and our friends.  We share this earth with many many other beings who are different and not so different from us.  By pondering their shape, behaviors, and habitats we not only learn about the companions we share this world with, we discover profound teachings about our own psyches and our place in the cosmos.