Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Join Us for A Constellation Workshop


Saturday, March 18

Saturday, April 15  – ADD TO CALENDAR

Saturday, May 6 – Add to calendar

Saturday, May 27 – Add to calendar

Saturday, June 17

Saturday, August 5

Saturday, August 26

Saturday, September 16

Saturday, October 7

Saturday, October 28

Saturday, November 18

About the Reservation Process

 In Constellations work, there are no delays.  There is only right timing. 

We offer 3 guaranteed Constellations per workshop.  

To receive a Constellation costs $90.

After you check out via Eventbrite we send you a separate link to complete a $50 payment.  We subtract your $40 Eventbrite payment from your personal reservation payment.  

Reservations to receive a Constellation sell out quickly.  Please Contact Jess and let her know you wish to be considered for a personal Constellation setup.

If all three reservations have been booked for the workshop you wish to attend, you can still attend that workshop as a resonator/representative.

Representing/resonating is another powerful way to receive a Constellation healing movement. It is less expensive and equally insightful. 

We wish we could set up Constellations for everyone who wanted them on the day of the workshop. 

If the upcoming date is not available, we are happy to put your name on the list and schedule you for a future workshop.