Thoughts are louder than words

My anger is known to you even if I am smiling and describing things against reality. Your anger is known to me as well, whenever you are angry.

Energy is known. Energy is collective and can not be hidden. Thoughts are energy. They have no substance until I put the thoughts into action. Thoughts are real. They are more real than physical things because thoughts are the origin of all that is made. Before something is made, it is first a thought-form. Thinking is the foundation of what is. And thinking is as collective as sunlight.

What is true about me can not be kept private no matter how hard I talk myself upstream of it. People see me. They see the state I am in and the state I am not in. When I behave contrary to my actual energy, I ask everyone around me to go along with my efforts of deception. I ask everyone to become part of the lie I feel I must make to keep up appearances of that which I would prefer to appear to be. Some people go along with my efforts of deception because they like me, and other people do not go along with my deceptions because they REALLY care… not about me uniquely… but about living in reality with me and holding me accountable for maintaining the integrity of my tiny sphere of influence.

What is going on with me right now? How do I really feel even if I think I shouldn’t feel that way?

Why would I not want to live in reality? Well… in reality I am not as smart or as attractive or as successful as I prefer to think. And isn’t it my thinking which makes a thing so? Aren’t I supposed to build self-esteem with positive self-talk? I can do it, right? (Whatever “it” may be…) Aren’t I supposed to swim upstream of the obstacles in my way to realizing happiness?

Hm… Am I at war with what is? Could what is be enough?

There is no such thing as “my truth” as different from “your truth.” I can not have a personal, unique Truth all to myself. Truth, by definition, is the same for everyone and can not be selective. Truth is energetic and collective. If you have a personal “truth” you simply have a preference you feel quite strongly about.

The promise of my country taught me I can do and be anything. But it didn’t teach me how to go about it. It didn’t teach me how to be truthful. I have to discover the practical value of truth for myself.

It turns out, the pursuit of happiness results in breathtaking amounts of consumerism as we seek out stuff to us bring comfort ie “happiness.” If the founders could amend our national convictions, would they not rewrite the goal to be Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Truth?

Truth is the only thing that will ever lead to happiness.

Truth is real. Truth is the ONLY thing that is real. What is not true fades and vanishes into not-real-ness, while what is actually true continues on.

What is it that is continuing on while all the stuff around us rises up and dissolves away? This question brings us to the silent shore of the nature of truth.

What is true says very little, in that, it speaks for itself and finds there is not much that needs to be said. This may be why it is so easy to obscure it.

When we put more value on what is said we find a world of contradiction which is to say, a world of pain. It is a fact that people can smile and lie. People can hypnotize themselves so completely as to obliterate all awareness of lying. That is how powerful words are.

But all the words in the world in all the languages all across all time are but a grain of sand compared to the eternal power of what is True. It does not matter what someone said. It hurts. I am disappointed and sad, but I do not let the error of what they said pull my logic away from my inherent right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Truth.