About Jess

I have studied and trained in Internal Family Systems work with Bonnie Weis, Jay Earley, and Derick Scott.  In my own experience when working through my own struggles in life, I found the process of traditional psychotherapy to be too formal and analytical.  I was frustrated with how talk therapy seemed to circle the airport and never land a solution or resolution.  But when I found IFS, and began to discover the power of my imagination to heal and release buried pain, resolutions to my struggles really began to land for me. The IFS (Parts Work) method of inquiry helps me discover feelings and beliefs I was not aware of.  Parts work is a fun, creative, and experiential way of working that  is founded in compassion and courage.  It is a great joy to bring this work to others.  I also bring a Family Systems Constellations world view to all the work I do as well as a variety of other tools and methods I have found personally effective in helping me locate and shift negative thought patterns.  It would be an honor and a pleasure to help you navigate a challenge in life.