About Requesting a Personal Constellation

*If you are new to Constellations work and have never attended a workshop before, please join as a representative at least once before requesting to receive a Constellation.  Joining the workshop as a representative first will ensure you have a full understanding of how this healing method works and if you feel it is right for you.  Representing/Resonating in the Knowing Field is a helpful introduction to this work.  

Tickets for the current upcoming workshop are available to reserve now.  See the Eventbrite checkout.

Tickets for future workshops are available the day after the current workshop. It is not possible to purchase tickets months in advance.  Tickets for the next future workshop go on sale the day after the current workshop has ended.

We offer 2 to 3 guaranteed Constellations per workshop.  Sometimes we have time and energy to set up a 4th or 5th Constellation.  

If you wish to request a personal Constellation setup please fill out this Constellation Request form

To receive a Constellation costs $90.

After you check out via Eventbrite we send you a separate link to complete a $50 payment.  We subtract your $40 Eventbrite payment from your personal reservation payment.  

If all guaranteed reservations have been booked for the workshop you wish to attend, you will be given first choice for the next date that works for you.  

We wish we could set up Constellations for everyone who wanted them on the day of the workshop.  But in Constellations, there are no delays, only right timing.

 In Constellations work, there are no delays.  There is only right timing.