Tai Chi Class in Glendale, CA

Tai Chi Class in Glendale, CA

Home-style Tai Chi

    Relaxing while in motion equals power and precision. It is commonly known that tai chi is a slow form of studying kung fu martial arts. But I have discovered that studying tai chi improves my accuracy and clarity of any activity I do. Tai Chi teaches us how to learn.

    This ancient personal practice is a philosophy and way of moving through the world that cultivates peace, spaciousness, and alert attention. Tai Chi is much more than the study of specific martial arts maneuvers.

    This class will bring a creative, modern twist to the ancient traditions of this powerful preventative medicine practice. Tai Chi is for everyone.

    This fundamentals class will guide you through mind-body exercises that combine slow, graceful movements with restorative breathing. It is a gentle form of exercise that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

    A regular Tai Chi practice can:

    • Improved balance and coordination

    • Reduced stress and anxiety

    • Increased flexibility and range of motion

    • Improved strength and endurance

    • Reduced muscle and joint pain

    • Improved cardiovascular health

    • Improved mental clarity and focus

    • Increased energy levels

    • Enhanced sleep quality

    This class takes place in my backyard in Glendale, CA. It does not require any special equipment. Just wear lose comfortable cloths and bring a towel or a mat to work on grass.

    We hope you join us!

    About the Instructor Jess Hagan

    Tai Chi Class in Glendale, CA

    I am a black belt in Pa Kua Kung Fu.  I may not look like the classic martial artist, but the reason martial arts has survived for so many centuries is because it is for everyone, not just soldiers or security guards.

    In my years of studying Tai Chi, I have observed that the impressive athleticism of main stream Tai Chi can discourage people from giving the practice a try.  I believe it is important to keep Tai Chi accessable to beginners. I present the material in an informal way. No uniforms, no contracts, and no ranking system here. I leave it to every student to set their own goals and to know the pace that works best for them.  Tai Chi is for everyone wherever you may be and for any level of commitment.  

    I study Chen, Wu, and Shadow form Tai Chi. Along with a black belt in martial arts, I earned an instructor level degree in Shadow Form Tai Chi, Chinese Archery, and Edged Weapons in 2019.