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Completing A Course In Miracles Volume 1 - Daily help completing A Course In Miracles

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If you've tried reading A Course In Miracles but found it difficult to finish, you're not alone. I completely understand. It's not an easy book to read because it was written in the formal language of Shakespeare. It also uses many archaic religious phrases that are hard for modern readers to relate to.

This book series helps you stay on track with the daily lessons by offering a modern translation and simplified description of each daily lesson. Reading A Course In Miracles can be a life-changing experience that can truly improve the quality of your life if you can give it brief daily attention. Many of the lessons are only two minutes long and take very little time to engage. This book aims to help you complete the first 25 lessons found in A Course In Miracles so that you can develop your own personal spiritual practice to uplift and expand your life experience.

Volume 1: Lessons 1- 60

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