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Bullet Journal Oracle Cards

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I find card readings and little words of guidance helpful in keeping a relaxed and productive mindset throughout the day. I created this tiny card deck to be a companion to my Bullet Journal practice so that I can glimpse a bit of guidance every time I open my journal. I also use them for writing prompts to help me think through a goal or an issue.

Personally, I put the whole deck in a drawstring bag and then select one at random each week. I then use the weekly focus worksheet to record a mini card reading to ground and set achievable goals for my week.

The cards are designed to support a positive and uplifting worldview. They aim to be actionable advice that can help make suggestions on how to move through an obstacle you may face in your day.

This bundle Includes:

The whole deck of 60 cards in sticker form. Each card sticker measures 1 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. They are custom-sized to fit the Weekly Focus worksheet available in a different Bullet Journal Bundle.

The item comes in 10 sheets of 6 stickers each and requires that you cut out each sticker from those sheets. This is to ensure easy shipping and to also help you connect with the deck.

I hope you find them a fun and helpful addition to your Bullet Journal practice!

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