What does the Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem Mean? Preparation

Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem

This little Gardner does not concern herself with how large the world is.  She measures the span of her realm nut by nut. The Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem teaches us that it is not necessary to travel far and wide in search of what is needed.  We need only dig and uncover all the hard work we’ve already put into the ground. Nothing undoes the work we do.

This little optimist understands that failure is only a temporary mental perspective that can, in an instant, be reframed as practice towards excellence.  If the Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem is visiting, it may be time to clean the house and stock up for a rainy day.  She knows that without organization nothing can be done well.  This high-energy medicine teaches how to anticipate the challenges ahead as well as how to live simply without fear of lack.  This Power Animal Teaching is a fast, spry energy that can zip through a room and have its contents alphabetized before the tea kettle whistles.  Her claws help her leverage her body in all directions and she can clock the length of a tree in seconds flat.  One tree is all the world Squirrel needs, as it contains all reaches of the cosmos from root to seed.

When a person is visited by Squirrel medicine, nothing can get in their way as they pursue their goals. Trying to talk to a person when they are in “nut-gathering” mode can make you dizzy.  They will be up and down the stairs, out the back, and through the kitchen, before you finish your sentence. Following them around and trying to track their logic at such times will confound you.  Best to give them space and let them do what they need to do to get organized.

If you have been dealing with the erratic energy of the Squirrel Totem you may be frustrated by thwarted efforts to help bring calm to a high-stress situation.  It is best not to try and catch a squirrel on the move even if their behavior appears anxious and in need of help.  There is a limit to how much one person can help another person.  In the end, it is the individual who will complete the process of grounding into clarity.  Lingering about and trying to help someone who won’t sit still long enough to receive can cause distractions and more irritations for both parties.  The Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem suggests that we give a difficult issue to the Field and trust that the resources everyone needs are in the ground and will emerge at just the right time to open new solutions.

Squirrel asks us to make note of the differences between nervous energy and passion.  Excitement is a wonderful addition to our activities but we can not allow big energy to get in the way of the task at hand.  If you are overwhelmed by enthusiasm, Squirrel says, break it down- nut by nut.  Make it smaller.  We are only ever as sane as our ability to compartmentalize life’s confusion into manageable bits.  This Medicine also warns to not let misunderstandings build up between people or situations.  Take the initiative to clarify an issue but let the issue go if a resolution is not immediate.  Letting something go does not mean you can never return to it.  Think of how many nuts Squirrel has buried which will either become a snack later or a whole tree of new nuts.  Letting something go is not an act of weakness.  Space is needed for growth to occur.  This medicine knows when to fixate and when to scatter our attention to give new discoveries room to arrive.

Conversations at parties are an excellent example of the Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem in action.  We dress our best, move from group to group, and topic to topic, tossing seeds in all directions.   Some topics reach people while others don’t.  But we give them all a try in the spirit of fun. We have no idea what we might say next or which chemistries might grow tree-sized.  Squirrel’s energy explores the surface of personal dynamics with others rather than the more serious depths that come with intimacy.   Squirrel does not burrow into the ground.  She builds a nest in the branches of trees.  This can mean it is a time to climb up rather than burrow down.

On a practical note, this medicine is also a good teacher in how to dress with an easy, comfortable fashion. Call on Squirrel medicine to find the style of clothing that expresses your personality perfectly in any situation.  Never overdressed and never underdressed, Squirrels tail is the envy of the forest.  Like a network of highly charged fiber optics, her tail is her most expressive attribute.  She communicates her passions and irritations with riveting flicks and shakes and invites you to be just as expressive.  She is a gardener who celebrates every nut well buried.  Her medicine asks us to take time to celebrate a job well done with a little squirrel dance in the woods.  Wiggle and shake that lovely tail of yours for a moment every day.  Everyone has at least two stunning features about them.  What’s yours?

In all cases, the Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem is asking us to find time to connect to all the joys of small accomplishments.  Well done.  Good job.  Keep gathering.

Squirrel Spirit Animal Positive Affirmations:

  • My home is a reflection of my mind. Tidy my home, tidy my mind
  • I save some for later.
  • Big achievements are a collection of small ones. 
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Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem
Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem
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