Some questions can’t be answered. Why not?

Logic is not reality. Reality is much, much larger than the tiny logical structures of our brains. Logic uses words and is founded on achieving a sense of peace and clarity through explanation. Explanations may feel comforting but they are not necessarily describing what is true. Logic arose as a form of comfort to an ever-evolving mind that developed an awareness of life and death and became afraid. Logic is a coping mechanism. Explaining this concept is the use of logic, and an attempt to put an anxious mind at ease. But it is not necessary to talk yourself through things you do not understand. It is possible to not understand and still be okay. It is possible to release the need to have security and to realize that reality is secure. Reality is real. Logic is not reality. Logic is a fabrication based on a limited awareness of reality.

Knowing is not the same as thinking. I know my phone number, and so, I do not need to think about it. I know English. I do not ever think about English, unless there is some obscure grammar rule that causes me to ponder the medium in which I think.

It is possible to know and live in reality, but to do so we must let go of logical thinking, and of tracking the logic of that which extends beyond our capacity to comprehend. We can not run the whole of creation through the tiny channels of the language of the brain. Reality just won’t fit. Each brain is a grain of sand to the ocean of reality and each brain, each grain of sand, is developing a larger and larger awareness of that ocean of which it is a part. This discovery process is the joy of life.

The brain is not how we know. Thinking does not cause your existence. Your existence exists before thinking, outside of thinking, beyond it, all around it. Knowing is effortless and true, and often wordless.

Cultivating the ability to be without words is the expansion of awareness beyond logic to an experience of what is real and true.

What is real and true can not ever be fully explained. But it can be experienced and known.

“Although you are one Self, you experience yourself as two: as good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body. This sense of being split into opposites induces feelings of acute and constant conflict, and leads to frantic attempts to reconcile the contradictory aspect of this self-perception… the fact that truth and illusion can not be reconciled, no matter how you try, must be accepted if we will ever end suffering.”
– A Course In Miracles- Lesson 96

Truth and illusion can not be reconciled… This means that illusion, no matter how hard it tries to validate itself or convince others of its realness, will always fade to nothing. If you are unhappy, no amount of layering on illusions will ever bring you to happiness. To find happiness, we must identify how we cling to that which is not real or true and let that go. If something falls apart it is because he is not what you thought he was and she is not what you thought she was. You were mistaken in what you thought you understood as true.

It may seem that everything eventually falls apart. In this world, this is true because this world IS an illusion. It is not a real place, though it seems real to the logic that is holding onto it. You, and everyone will eventually let this world go. And that which lets this world go is what is truly real about you.

You do not need to wait until you die to know the real self that never dies. You can know that part of you now because that part of you is always there, forever, even if you choose to forget about it in your mind. It is something you know about without having to constantly think about.

We are men and women of science. Science studies the nature of all that is. The nature of this world is illusion, meaning, the nature of this world is not real, even though the chair you sit on feels real. The chair and the body sitting in it will eventually fade to nothing. It has, in fact, already done so. Is this concept stressful? The reason is because logic finds it very uncomfortable.

To say that illusion does not exist prompts the question that this is impossible, because clearly, if we live in an illusion then the phenomenon of illusion exists, otherwise we’d not need to speak of it, right? To say this computer does not exist is crazy to the logic that clearly sees it does exist.

We can not have a logical discussion about the in-existence of illusion. That is the limitation of logic. But humanity has been expanding past the limits of logic forever. That is what we do. To reconcile the conundrum of illusion not being real, but also being a seeming phenomenon that is occurring (which would suggest realness) we can not drag the issue through the brain. It will never get out. To reconcile that which can not be reconciled, we must stop trying to reconcile it from the limitations of logic.

We must develop the knowing that it is safe to leave logic. It is safe to not have words to explain something. It is safe to not think.

Logical thinking will not like hearing this one bit. It will argue and engage and fight for your attention. And you are free to engage in the circle of logic round and round, forever. But because reality is what it is- which is real and true, you will eventually be led to conclude that logical arguments of defense of illusions always lead no where, being the nothingness that they are. When we are able to let go of our need for logic as a safety blanket, protecting our treasured false notions of what we would rather the world be, when we drop our insistence on trying to make that which is not real, real and begin to just listen and observe, we have begun the process of lifting out of the illusion and into the Real.

Reality is peace and joy. That is your eternally inherent state of being, even if you chose to forget this. Reality is infinite in its resources and capacities to reach you. Do not think reality has abandoned you or that you have somehow managed to be the exception to the rule. Reality (peace and joy) are yours always. But the nature of reality is non-invasive and unobtrusive. Reality is a state of gentle grace. Gentle grace is not something that can be imposed upon you against your will. It is there. But you have to turn to it. You have to reach for it. And when you do, you will discover that it is in an eternal state of reaching for you. Reality is not the conflict ridden struggle you experience as your life situation. Your life situation is filled with struggle because you have many false notions of what you want reality to be that need to be put down. Whatever you think reality ought to be will never ever be as magnificent as what reality actually is. When we put down our burden of trying to champion our illusions to the top of the mountain and realize that we do not need to make ourself want what we think we want, we begin to discover an inherent, exquisite, and effortless Passion for life. At such point, the beauty of the curtain in the breeze, the tiny creature crawling across the book you are reading, the single sound of the car going by, all becomes a gateway out of pain an into true reality.