Solo Constellations Workshop

Self-guided self-discovery

Solo Constellations Workshop

How to work alone in the Knowing Field

What do we do if we want to work in the Knowing Field but we don’t have access to a group? This workshop will share a creative and powerful self-guided method for working with Constellations to investigate any topic. 

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the fundamental principles of Family Constellations and how to apply them in a one-on-one setting using objects as representatives rather than people. We will learn how to cultivate personal introspection of an issue when external help is not available or when privacy is preferred.

We will then spend an hour and a half working with practical demonstrations where the facilitator will show a step-by-step process of how to set up a personal constellation using objects. Participants will then have the opportunity to practice this technique themselves. Each participant will choose objects that represent different aspects of their personal issue and position them in a way that reflects their inner dynamics and perceptions, just as we would in a live workshop. We will then walk through all the ways to follow what is known in Constellation work as the Healing Movement to find either a revelation or a resolution to the issue. 

We will then spend the last 30 minutes answering any questions about the DIY Constellations process. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and discoveries in a supportive and confidential environment.

Space is limited to 8 people. We will be working on the floor. Please bring a notebook and wear comfortable cloths. Feel free to bring snacks and anything else that might make the workshop more comfortable for you.

This workshop is founded on the principles of Systemic Constellations work.  

Group healing is a collaborative, supportive, compassionate, and long-lasting approach to wellness.   We heal best when in a community with others. But when that is not always possible, there are powerful and creative techniques to engage our own inner wisdom and listen to the messages from a higher awareness.

The Constellations approach is a profoundly robust, flexible, creative, and inspiring structure from which to examine life struggles.  It is founded on the highly effective principles of group healing techniques developed by Burt Hellinger.  

We will explore a variety of tools, methods, and resources for self discovery, self improvement, and expansion.  Bring an issue to the group and deepen your skills as a healer, leader, and light worker.  

There are two ways to approach any struggle we may have in life: privately or with a group. Both approaches are helpful in different ways and often we can benefit from a combination of both. 

This Constellations workshop online offers a community of peers who are all passionate about exploring effective natural methods of releasing struggles and expanding personal potential. 

Solo Constellations Workshop

This workshop Investigates:

  • The Constellations Worldview -Learn to be a clear, effective channel for messages from the Knowing Field
  • Subtle Body Energy and Grid Work – Develop a creative and fun spiritual conversation with yourself and others
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) – unify all the parts of your personality.
  • Spirit Animal Life Guidance – Commune with nature as our teacher
  • Oracle Life Guidance – Read the signs, find the patterns
  • Indigenous Medicine Ways – Develop an earth-based spiritual practice
  • Guest Modalities – Whenever we discover a new resource we will workshop it here.

About the Facilitator Jess Hagan

I am a certified Constellations facilitator who has studied facilitation since 2014 with Stephan Hausner, Francesca Mason Boring, Anngwyn St. Just, and many other founding teachers of the work.  I have spent over two decades studying all the ways to navigate my painful thoughts toward peace and have found Constellations work to be the most powerful and miraculous approach to wellness available today.  Because of its inclusive nature, Constellation’s work is a perfect complement to other healing approaches.  Finding new ways to release pain and clear stress is my life’s passion.  Nothing is more fun or more valuable than to uproot a burden holding us back from finding the joy of life.  I know from experience that trauma can be confounding but it does not have to be a life sentence.  View My Training

Solo Constellations Workshop

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