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About the Constellation Process:

Transgenerational trauma is now recognized by mainstream psychology as a major cause for addictions and inexplicable distress that has eluded resolution even after years of effort.  These Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles locate, realize, and release buried trauma in your family system which may have started before you were born. 

A family legacy burden is now understood by leading trauma specialists and top psychologists as a major cause of depression, addiction, and toxic behavior patterns. We do not only inherit eye color, height, and talents from our parents.  We also inherit their emotional distress, as well as the emotional distress of their parents, sometimes going back generations.  This is called trans-generational inheritances or legacy burdens.  When there is a hidden trauma or an excluded member of our family system, it always falls to the descendants of that family to carry the energy burden of that buried trauma.  Any problem we are unable to resolve by ourselves alone is transgenerational.  It is deeply rooted in our family’s past and needs a community to release and bear witness.  Many problems we have in our lives did not start with us, but were in fact, passed down from previous generations.

In these LA-based Constellations Workshops, we set up three guaranteed Constellations per workshop.  We may also set up additional Constellations beyond those three which are chosen by draw at the start of the Constellation Workshop that day. The number of “draw” constellation recipients is dependent on the number of representatives we have available that day and the energy level of the group. 

Tickets for the current upcoming workshop are available to reserve now.  See the Eventbrite checkout.

Tickets for future workshops are available the day after the current workshop. 

Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Details

SKILL LEVEL:               Anyone over the age of 18

WHERE:                     In-person Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Glendale

WHEN:                        Every 3 weeks (List of Available Dates Here

How to Register:      Register via  EventBrite Links (Found Above and Below) 


$40 to participate. 

$90 to receive a Constellation.  

After registering via Eventbrite for $40, you will have the option to request a Constellation for an additional $50.

Each workshop offers 3 guaranteed  Constellations Reservations. You will be given the opportunity to reserve a Constellation after purchasing your $40 ticket via Eventbrite.  Once three have been reserved, a waiting list is started.  


A Constellation is something that is received/witnessed/experienced by a specific client.  The representatives are the people who illuminate the different aspects of the client’s issue.  Everyone involved in a Constellation setup receives deep and personal insights about their own life challenges.  

Representatives also receive the healing movement of the Constellation and gain great insight into their own life challenges.  

The Personal Constellation ticket reserves the ability to set up and look at a specific issue in your life by using representatives.  This enables a much more specific investigation into the details of the situation to gain even greater clarity about an issue.  

The Representative ticket is equally as powerful as a personal Constellation ticket and it may be all you need in order to gain clarity on an issue in your own life. Representing is a more affordable way to work with the Constellation’s method for discovery and healing. And it can have equal if not more profound healing effects as receiving a Constellation.

Very often representing in a Constellation prepares a person for the one they will receive. And sometimes representing is all that is needed to work through an issue.