How a Private Constellations Session Works

online constellations facilitator, online family constellations, private family constellations workSystemic Constellations work is originally a group healing approach that originated in Europe after World War II to help ease mass trauma.  Since then it has become a powerful, creative way of resolving a variety of health, social, and economic issues.  The basic structure of the method is also easy to adapt to private sessions with only two people whenever a group is not able to gather or the client feels more comfortable working through the issue privately.

Although very different from a group gathering, a one-on-one session works with objects such as stones, sculptures, or even shoes to set up a Constellation investigation.  Rather than have other people serve as representatives in the Constellation, the client themselves become the ones who step into the roles that are placed in the Knowing Field.  From there, the client and facilitator follow the movements of what arises just as they would in a group setting. 

When working online, there are three options for how to set up a Constellation. The client can work in his or her minds eye or with physical objects on a table top. They could also place sets of shoes on the floor in the room they are in and step on and off the shoes while representing the different aspects of the issue.  A Constellation allows a client to view the hidden dynamics of a family system (or any social system) which lay beyond their personal biographical experiences and explain impulses and sensitivities to situations that seem ‘inexplicable.”  Often the “inexplicable” is a learned pattern inherited from our family system.  

When willpower and determination have not made a change in a personal struggle or symptom, it is quite possible there is a deeper hidden loyalty to a family issue that may go back generations.  Constellations work can reveal these invisible bonds.

It is very helpful to have experience with the live workshops but not necessary.  In these private sessions, we develop the tools needed to investigate a problem with a Constellations approach.  It is a creative and intuitive discovery process that is always an adventure.

In this 90-minute private Constellations session, we work in the way the client finds most helpful, either with small physical objects, or the imagination of the minds eye to set up an inquiry.  All investigations are informed by the Constellations world view developed through my training and holds the same core values as found in a Constellations group workshop.  

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