How a Private Constellations Session Works

online constellations facilitator, online family constellations, private family constellations workSystemic Constellations work is a group healing approach that originated in Europe after World War II to help ease mass trauma.  Since then it has become a powerful, creative way of resolving a variety of health, social, and economic issues.

When the 2020 pandemic hit the global community, the in-person Constellation’s work developed an online approach which is quite different from in-person workshops but also quite effective.

It is very helpful to have experience with the live workshops but not necessary.  In these private sessions, we develop the tools needed to investigate a problem with a Constellations approach.  It is a creative and intuitive discovery process that is always an adventure.

In this 90-minute private Constellations session, we work with small physical objects, symbolic images, and the imagination of your minds eye to investigate an issue in the Knowing Field.  This session can take place online or in person.  All investigations are informed by the Constellations world view and holds the same core values as found in a Constellations group workshop.  Previous experience with a group workshop is very helpful when working with the Constellations approach privately.  But it is not necessary.  

Schedule a Session

It is free to use the scheduler above to make an appointment.  
Please use the checkout process below to send payment.  Payment must be made in advance to confirm the appointment.
Once payment is received a confirmation email will be sent with a Zoom link or address details. 
If you cancel 24 hours in advance I offer a full refund.  If you cancel last minute, I offer a reschedule.  
And if for any reason you did not find the session helpful in any way, I offer a 50% refund.  This honors the effort I made as well as the effort you made.
I look forward to working with you.