Preparing For An Animal Totem Reading

Well, how exciting!  You’ve decided to meet SEVEN of your nine Animal Spirit Guides!

Your Animal Spirit Guides are already beginning to hear you calling to them.  They are stepping out of the woods, swimming up from the deep, flying down, and making their way to you now…

Since this reading is only done once in your life, it is a ceremony.  So I have a few things I’d like you to do to prepare for our meeting.

1. create a small, simple altar to the four elements.

An altar is a place you build for yourself to help focus your mind on a desire for spiritual growth. And it is a way to welcome your Guides into your home.

To make an altar: clear off a book shelf or a corner of a room and place:

-a bowl of water,

-a candle,

-four stones,

-and something to burn- (sage, incents or whatever you like- even a cigarette works!)

altar building materials

Put anything else on your altar that you like and that makes you feel good; flowers, jewelry, keepsakes… etc.

2. Light the candle and burn the sage to activate the altar as a safe and sacred place.

3. Clearly ask

(aloud or in your mind) for the Animal Spirit Guides that walk with you in this life to emerge so that you can know them.  Say something like, “Dear Spirit Guides, Please make yourself known to me. I wish to meet you and learn of your power and gifts.”

Building the altar makes the request as conscious as possible and builds a tension of respect for the very large animal spirit energies we are going to engage.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

I look forward to meeting you and your animal spirit guides!  See you soon!

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