Power looks like Peace

Real power hurts no one and nothing. Real power is at peace in the joy of being itself- (powerful) and needs no actions of any kind. Power is Peace. Real power takes all sorts of action, but it has no need to take action in an effort to prove it has what it simply is… powerful.

Real power is a gentle, ecstatic state of love.

I can know for certain when I am in a state of power when I hurt no one and nothing hurts me. This is not the same as being “resilient” or “insensitive” or “thick-skinned.” Power needs no defense. Power is a state of peace.

Most of my actions every day are a compulsive attempt to prove to myself and others that I have influence, that I have the ability to move and change things, and get things I think I want.

What I think I want is not what I want. Thinking is not a guide to discovering my True desire- which is love, peace, and connection. Thinking is an ego activity with the sole purpose of proving to myself and others that I am an identity which in truth, I am not. I use the world to prove an illusion of myself. I use the world like clay to shape a description of myself which I prefer over reality. The labor it takes to hold an illusion about myself and about others is exhausting and the nature of that labor is utter conflict. It is a form of vengeance which has set out to prove my point as true rather than discovering Truth.

The action needed to prove that I am the identity I want to be requires that I exert power over other people who stand as a constant reminder that I am not what I think I am. My ego hates this reminder and hates the people who remind me of this fact. Hatred is hell. Hatred is unending pain. Hatred is what keeps ego in me alive. Feeling hatred is a feeling of utter bondage to that which you hate. There is no power or freedom in the grips of hatred.

Hatred does not have range. I can not hate just a little in the same way a spark of fire from flames can not be less dangerous than the fire it came from. Any amount of jealousy or bitterness is the state of hatred and is an act of trying to prove myself to be something other than what I really am.

Letting go of needing to be something I am not releases me from the prison of anger. Acknowledging that I am not, in my self, in any way powerful, lifts the burden of compulsive strain to prove that I have power, that I am important, smart, attractive, athletic, musical, nimble, good with numbers… and all the things I need never prove I am. If I am these things, it is so. If I am not, nothing can make it so except my first accepting where I am in relation to what I want.

Seeking power is in NO way a problem. Power is what I actually am. And striving to realize this is enlightenment. Seeking true power is an inevitable and destined pursuit for all because it is a return to reality and the end of ego illusions. Ego thinks it is a separate God and does not have any awareness that all that is is connected. Because the ego has no awareness of the connection of all, the ego is not part of Reality. By its very choice, the ego holds itself separate from reality and creates temporary, illusional realities which always end in some form of sorrow. Reality does not have sorrow. Reality is joy. Reality is power. And we are on a journey to realize what we really are- which is power.

My ego seeks power, and so do I. Seeking power is right and good. But what my ego thinks power is is not acutally power. And how my ego attempts to obtain power leads only to weakness and suffering.

Impulses for vengeance, a need to yell at someone or explain “how things are” is an act of violence. Dominating over another grooves only how insecure I feel. Peace with how people are is proof that I am in possession of true power.

Acting peaceful is not the same as being in a state of peace. It is up to me to identify for myself if I am merely acting peaceful to convince myself and others that I am something I am not, or if I am going to strive for the real thing, going through the humbling process of realizing I am not what I think I am. Arrival at peace needs no proof or discussion in the same way we will never debate if a lamp light is on or off. We know. We all know. How I am inside is known by everyone, wether they admit to seeing the truth or deny it for their own ego purposes. What is true is collective, shared, and silent. This is why what you achieve inside yourself, ripples out through the whole world as powerfully as any force of nature. How you guide your inner life is how you find real power.