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It is now commonly accepted knowledge in psychological circles that the human mind is multiple in nature.  This means that we are not one personality, but many throughout the day.  The phrase “multiple personalities” is not so much a disorder as it is a natural condition of our minds.  We feel a multitude of ways throughout the day, which often conflict and confound us.  

Understanding our behavior and developing a personal character we respect and enjoy spending time with starts with learning how to listen to all the different voices of our diverse psyche.  These different aspects of our personalities are not so much sub conscious as they are unconscious of each other.  A part (personality perspective) can take the stage for a few hours and we can feel that is entirely who we are.  And then a few hours later, they step off the stage and a totally different (sometimes opposite) part of us begins to express concerns about our previous expressions.  This internal conflict does not have to be an ongoing misery.  Like with any family, we need to take time to sit down and listen to all the different perspectives and concerns.  These parts work sessions online teach how to separate your attention from a single aspect of your personality and see it in a larger context of many aspects that comprise your unique being.  

Very often difficult experiences from our past freeze part of our personality in that time period and when something reminds us of that past pain, the part of us still suffering takes over our awareness.  Like a dragonfly in amber, there is a part of us for whom that challenging event has not yet ended.  Taking time to go into those memories and retrieve that part of ourselves can release us from the burden of the past and enable us to enjoy the present moment fully.  Also called soul retrieval, a parts work session is a powerful way to reunite young aspects of ourselves with our grown adult self.

If you feel conflicted about a situation in life or are having a hard time making a decision, you might find these parts work sessions online to be a helpful tool to uncover resistance and blocks.  

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Hi, I’m Jess. In my own experience when working through my own struggles in life, I found the process of traditional psychotherapy to be too formal and analytical.  I was frustrated with how talk therapy seemed to circle the airport and never land a solution or resolution.  When I found Constellations work I realized the importance of connecting to a greater mysterious power of Grace when searching for the healing movement. When I discovered IFS, (Internal Family Systems work) I realized the power of my imagination to heal and release buried pain. Resolutions to my struggles really began to land for me with Family Constellations and IFS work. Because I found real results in these alternative healing methods, I have dedicated my life to studying them and bringing these resources to others.

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