Marketing for Healers

Marketing for Healers

Grow Your Healing Arts Business Marketing for Healers - Online Support

Web Tech Basics For Healers A 3-Day Intensive

Are you an alternative healer with your own business? Do you need tech support to help you build and manage your website? I offer training and assistance in marketing for healers. Getting the word out about your services does not need to cost a fortune or be overly complicated.  In this three-day intensive, I will introduce the five most important tools needed to establish an online presence for your healing arts business.  Each week will focus on an essential component in managing a useful website.

Day 1 

Set up Your Domain

Learn Mailchimp

Marketing for Healers

Set up a WordPress website and create the pages that explain your services to the world.  This training does not offer tutorials in Wix or other website platforms.  We work only with WordPress.

Set up an audience list. To build an audience and a client base, it is essential to set up a newsletter sign-up form that will enable you to reach the people who want to keep in touch with you.  Help people to get on your mailing list by setting up a sign-up form on your site and build an audience that is interested in hearing more about all your upcoming events.  

Day 2 

Learn Canva

 Learn Calendly

Marketing for Healers

Set up your marketing plan with Canva and learn to make elegant images to express the spirit of your company. Marketing for Healers has the potential to be highly creative and inspiring with elegant graphics that express the spirit of your services

Make it easy for people to schedule appointments with you with an online scheduler.  Set the days and times you are available for a session and let clients find what works for them.  To see an example of how Calendly works visit my scheduling page.

Day 3 – Set Up Payment systems 

Learn Basic SEO

Tech training for healing arts business, tech support for healers

Set up payment buttons and easy registrations. Every business offering a service needs to clarify how to receive money in a safe way.  Setting up a payment button to receive payments is essential for any healing arts business.  In this class we will learn how to make a PayPal button for your site as well as how to schedule events on Eventbrite.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization is essential to being visible on the world wide web.  Set up your site so that Google, Bing, and your potential clients know how to find you.

This course is available upon request and also offered every December as part of my 8-month Healer Training Program. 

The training is consecutive for three days and can not be spread out over several weeks. Each day goes from 9 am until 5 pm and takes place via Google Meet.  

Follow-up assistance is available at any time for troubleshooting or tech questions at $40 an hour.  Feel free to schedule with me any time.

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