Making vs Creating – Goals vs God.

The motivation for activities can come from one of two sources- The ego, or The Source of all that is. We can call this Source the Way, the flow, the Tao, God, Christ, Buddha, Mother Nature, The Michael Jordan Zone… we can call it anything so long as we recognize that it is a real source available to us just as much as the ego zone is. We need only to choose it.

Enjoyment is the main difference between the ego source and The Source.

The ego wants you to fail. The ego is inherently destructive. It does not love. It hates. It does not create. It kills. Our world is currently functioning in the ego zone. The ego sets up arbitrary life goals based on who it thinks you should be, image wise, and then it tells you you need to hustle towards those fabricated goals it has made for you. The ego drives you by assigning a meaning to activities or end products which you believe will define you as worthy, valuable, important, loved, or needed.

The Source does not need you to prove your worth, value, importance, lovability, or need. The source is just pure, everpresent fun. It is available to us whenever we want to stop playing the inadequacy game our ego loves to play.

Your ego wants you to fail so all the goals it sets up for you will ultimately only bring you frustration and pain (whether you achieve the goal or not). This is how you identify if your goal is being fueled by an ego identity of self, or by who you really are. Your ego tells you you will fail as a person if you do not hustle to an end product each day, to the physical proof of your worth. But the results are never enough. Your ego wants you to work hard and get nowhere and feel eternally inadequate.

Your actual Source wants your joy and enjoyment. What you are and where you come from is joy, peace, creativity, passion, and compassion. You are made of the ‘substance’ of joy. It is what you are.

You do not need to decide what to do next or how you ought to go about doing it. You can let go of the overwhelming strain of all the plans and goals your ego identity has set up for you and just relax in the effortless state of discovery of what comes next. You do not need to fabricate what comes next. It will come and you can discover it.

The ego wants to kill. It lives through being allowed to kill. It kills dreams, bonds with people, goals and joy. You let the ego live when you agree to believe what it is saying about where your value comes from.

When I wake up in the energy of wanting to prove myself, my experience of my activities is burdened with strain. When I am able to put down my self-made ego goals and sit without a goal at all, I burn with anxiety and confusion. I wander from room to room wondering what my purpose is. I let this anxiety and confusion burn away to the Peace beyond.

When I am in one of these mornings I ask myself, What is needed? What is my real goal?

My goal is Peace. Peace within me and peace in my relations.

I think I know what is right. But I do not know. I think I make good decisions, but I don’t. I can not make a good decision of any kind if I am not connected fully to that which is beyond my ego notions of what should be.

You are not who you think you are. You are not what you think. YOU do not need to think at all. The ego thinks. The ego uses thinking to distract you from your inherent state of creativity. It does this so it can live. Negativity wants to live. Allowing it into your mind is an agreement to keep it alive.

When something happens that hurts, it hurts because it is not how you think it should be. Realizing that you do not actually know how things should be (because you are simply not that wise) will end the pain. You may be very smart but if you are in pain, you are not wise. Wisdom comes from knowing what you really are in relation to ALL THAT IS. You are smaller than you think. You are enough in that smallness and need not prove anything to ALL THAT IS.

You can put down goals. You won’t die. Your ego will, but you will not.

Let go of goals that strain you and leave you feeling inadequate or bitter. Locate instead the energy reasons you set out to aim for those goals in the first place. The reasons for goals are the real aim. The energetic conditions that the goals “promise” once reached can be yours now, without needing to strain to achieve.

Achievement is guided, not driven. Your greatest achievement will be your enjoyment of this world and your enjoyment of others. The suggestion to put down a goal and be guided may cause anger, scoffing, and ridicule from the ego-gripped personalities who believe themselves to be the “go-getters” who “make stuff happen.”

We do not need any more stuff.

We need peace. Your peace. My peace. Our peace together.