Logic is not always rational

What we think is not always accurate. But because it has a logic, it can take some time to realize the foundation of our understanding is not based in reality. Logic can actually override reality. The power of our mind is the greatest power in the universe and that power is founded on the law of free will which means that we are free to construct any manner of logical systems we want, forever and ever.

We can also pursue what is true. Truth does not need logic. Truth speaks for itself. It’s logic is complete and irrefutable. Truth ends conversations and dissolves into peaceful knowing. The way you can be sure you have located something true is in the measure of peace you have within.

An example of an irrational form of logic is seen in the catch phrase, “no pain, no gain.” This notion is so engrained in our culture that it is rarely ever questioned or challenged. Let’s challenge it now.

If I want to grow basil, I can not use pumpkin seeds to do so. If I plant that which makes pumpkins, I will end up with pumpkins.

If I want to obtain happiness and try to find it in activities that do not make me feel good, the only thing I will be achieving is more of what those activities bring. It can not be otherwise.

Pain, suffering, and compromise do not lead to happiness, joy, or peace. What leads to peace is peaceful actions. Pursuing happiness through enduring pain and suffering is futile.

The physics of creation is… creative. Creation likes to do more of what it is- create. Creation is the foundation of life, which, by definition, wants more of itself. Life likes being, life likes growing and becoming. It is not in the nature of Creation to put obstacles in its own way. To do so would not be in the physics of what creation is. A basil seed can not strive to become a pumpkin seed. A basil seed is extremely excited about becoming more basil. The logic of creation says, “Let me do more of what feels good and bring more good feelings forward. Let me feel good as a pathway towards feeling good.”

There is no price to pay for creating wellness. Pain does not lead to gain. Creation is wellness and creation is limitless. It goes on and on forever. Creation is a river to an ocean that flows out into more rivers and even more oceans.

Many communities do not see that their efforts for self-improvement are founded in the belief that pain is needed to be happy. Group dynamics often function under the irrational logic that excessive humbleness will buy them confidence. A situation that is constantly asking me to compromise and remain silent will never lead to me being heard or receiving what I am seeking- which is joy.

Being heard and receiving what I seek is what creation wants for me, for everyone. Life wants our joy. The only thing preventing our joy is a faulty logic that to obtain joy, I must suffer.

Staying in a situation that does not encourage, support, or empower your skills and strengths will never lead to the development of your skills and strengths. Staying in situations of compromise and frustration just put all your gifts on pause, in a reserve of potential not yet realized. To start experiencing your full potential, recognize that anyone who wants to engage in a submission game will never enable your prosperity.

The only reason people stay in dynamics that do not make them feel good is because they believe that feeling bad will eventually pay for the elusive prize of feeling good. It never will. The currencies will never match. What earns wellness and confidence is wellness and confidence. Start small and gather wealth in this currency. Small activities of peace and wellness are your infinite resource to more of the same. Go back to the simple joy of… (fill in the blank here) and enjoy enjoying.