What does the Lizard Spirit Animal Totem Mean? Potential

Lizard Spirit Animal Totem

This cosmic gazer teaches us how to reduce the amount of physical effort we are exerting and find the easy path.  It is time to sit and soak up all the energy all around you and let things play out effortlessly.

All that is, be it a house, a book, a song… etc, was an energetic vision before shifting into the physical world. In our industry-obsessed culture ‘easy’ has been equated with ‘lazy.’  But the Lizard Spirit Animal Totem asks if we are deliberately complicating something in order to earn our right to enjoy it.  If this medicine is in your life, put down the tools and visualize.  Lull and daydream an easy grace into your task and let the energy of the day carry some of the work for you.  Lulling is a state of warm cozy mental rapture that uses energy from the surrounding environment to carry you into dimensions beyond the Third.  When we lull our minds beyond the Third dimension, we find new, indirect solutions to the situation at hand.  In his lulling, lizard pulls life to him with a quantum understanding of design and manifestation. His medicine reminds us that you are the dreamer of your life and life is the dream you create with the power of your attention. You chose what you focus on.  If you feel gripped by an obsessive cycle of thoughts, it is time to roll the eyes about and enter the no-think zone. The Lizard Spirit Animal Totem lives in the Dreamtime, a place where nothing is what it seems.  He keeps himself grounded with the basic elements of the ground itself- rocks. This hot desert medicine is inseparable from the spirit medicine of Rock.  As a reptile, Lizard is not able to generate his own inner heat. He uses the warmed surface of rock to access the power of the Sun and fill him with life energy.  When you are feeling drained, it may be time to find a simple stone to wear or hold in your pocket to anchor you to your day.

Rocks are the ultimate reality check.  They are the basic raw material from which ALL physical life springs.  The variety of stones, crystals, and gems found on this planet are an artistic expression of ancient frozen light from dimensions beyond our gravitational perception on Earth.  Rocks are cosmic. They’re what the 60’s would call ‘far out.’  Even though humans have classified and analyzed the atomic structure of every element on Earth’s surface and placed it into the Periodic Table of Elements, the deep cosmic ability of rocks to absorb and neutralize energy is impossible to grasp with everyday logic.  To talk to rocks you must trance out.  And Lizard’s logic knows the way. The solid rock he is basking on is comprised of atoms which, it turns out, are comprised of ’empty’ space of vibrating potential fields.  After smashing rocks down to the last atom, we figured out how to smash that atom and have a look inside.  Within the atom, there is a very bazaar world of ‘no thing’ with lots of potentials.  That solid rock Lizard is sitting on is made of insubstantial ’empty’ potential.  And that is the essence of his medicine.  When your daily life has become a frustration, Lizard suggests that you reconnect to your inherent empty state where the potential for change is eternally undefined.  All rocks and obstacles are in reality, magic carpets that can take you anywhere you can think to go.   If the Lizard Spirit Animal Totem appears in your life it may be time to let your environment help out.  It may be time to sit in the Sun and make some vitamin D.  In seclusion, you may have lost touch with the fundamental mechanics of energy exchange. Have you forgotten that you are steering the vehicle of your life and that you can go wherever you want to?

Lizard Spirit Animal Totem holds the power of vast abstraction. Lizard enjoys the process of asking questions but he understands that answers only lead to more questions and it is your questioning mind that expands the universe.  We live in the third dimension and we have five senses with which to experience life.  But sometimes the answers we are seeking are just outside our capacity of perception. How do we open to new concepts beyond our limited understanding?  There is no inquiry too small or unimportant to explore.  Whatever your interests, you expand the cosmos with your investigations.  

Lizard has one eye on his target and one eye in the cosmos. He knows that today’s mysterious magic is tomorrow’s science as we increase our ability to perceive deeper and deeper into the cosmos.  If Lizard has visited your day you may be looking at something too practically and missing its magical capacities.  Lizard says, roll your vision around a bit and find the inherent strangeness of what is before you.  There is always more you do not know.  Confidence is not based on “knowing’ all the data.  It is based in a trust that you will find what you need as you need it.  Lizards, on their warm rocks, live in the lulling realms and advise total relaxation when questing for answers.  People with the Lizard Spirit Animal Totem often enter trance states of thinking without knowing it and then later find that what they were contemplating has come directly to them.  This is the power of lulling, a mental form of manifesting desires.  Lulling is a multi-dimensional experience of daydreaming.  It is often marked by a high, ‘sweet’ sensation of spinning in the mind where thoughts and ideas scroll and flow with intense pleasure.  It is also possible to lull in the negative, in which case you swirl yourself into scary scenarios.  The concept of lulling can be observed in Lizard’s unusual gaze at life. Lizards have very agile eyes that can roll around independently of the other with great precision and a range of angles.  He is able to keep his sights on practical matters while also gazing into the abstract mysteries.  Stretching the optical nerve of your own eyes by circling the eyes round can help clear the limited structure of current thoughts and change your brain chemistry.  Since the eyes are hardwired directly into the brain, what you look at is what you will experience so shift your gaze if you are unhappy.

The fiction writer, Annie Dillard once wrote that every child should have the right to sit and stare off into space. The Lizard Spirit Animal Totem agrees.  Gazing off into space is how the creative spirit streams into our body.  It is how we process and heal. Not all productivity occurs above ground in a visible, measurable way.  Much, if not most of our efforts occur in a space just beyond our brain’s ability to itemize.  Evolution and creativity are not efficient processes.  Lizard Spirit Medicine does not live in linear time and he knows that linear time is in truth, contained within the infinity of cyclical time.  Like asthma, feeling like there is not enough time can suffocate our ambition.  But there is plenty of oxygen to breath and there is plenty of time to take the small steps towards what we want.  

On the other hand, Lizard medicine in the reversed flow could signal a time of too much abstraction.  A philosophical inquiry must also have occasional picnics in simple, unexamined activities.  When the pleasure and adventure of philosophy becomes depressive torture, it may be time to accept some basic premises of life and ease up on questioning it all.  Cosmic contemplation is only possible from a real human body with blood and bones.    So eat vegetables, find a rock to hold in your hand and never lose touch with the sensations of your body.  It is how you experience all this wonder.  

In health, the Lizard Spirit Animal Totem has much to say about the practical side of getting a good night’s sleep. 

Nightmares indicate a psychological resistance or block to change and growth.  Since all outside energy from the cosmos is made of pure light and love,  it is not possible for any malicious external energy to cause your harm.  Nightmares never ever come from the Universal realm because the Universal realm is only loving.  Malicious intent is only possible through a willing psychological agreement with that fearful situation.  The pain you feel in a nightmare is due to the limitations of your psychology and your reluctance to examine an aspect of your life.  These dreams are closed-system dreams of extreme resistance to change and are indications that you need to accept your true feelings of a situation without dictating how you think you ought to feel.

If you suffer nightmares the first step is to improve the sphere of influence you expose yourself to during the day.  Watching or reading about violence late at night will feed directly into the source material your brain uses to construct dreams. Television and popular literature is mostly comprised of outrageous and unlikely violence. Your imagination does not care about what is ‘real’ or true.  To the imagination, everything is real and true.

Another aspect of gaining restful sleep is in the preparation for it.  In times past, the setting sun brought a darkness that was impossible to engage. We all got very still.  Darkness forced people to stop what they were doing and shift into altered states.  These days we must turn lights off for ourselves to delineate day from night.   If it is hard to get to sleep at night it may be time to exercise a bit more rigorously and reach physical fatigue.  Spend your days engaging your soul on a profound level so that at the end of the day you feel consumed by a job well done.  But keep in mind that arriving at a sense of a job well-done could very well mean legalizing your right to not work at all for a while.  When work becomes a means by which to prove your worth to the world, Lizard reminds us that just being at peace in the light of the sun can have more productive value to the planet than all the corporate business strategies in the world.  Lulling is very practical.  Relaxation and peace are very practical.

Lizard Spirit Animal Positive Affirmations:

  • The world can come to me. I can rest, wait, and recieve.
  • My surroundings are very important. I move to where warmth and nourishment can be found.
  • I see this world and other worlds at the same time through my imagination.  This life is my dream, my making.
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