Ongoing monthly intensives in the healing arts

Light Worker Learning Circle

Step Sideways into the light

Expand your skills as a healer, leader, and light worker with our four-month training intensive.

We meet from 10 am to 6 pm one weekend a month for four months to study a variety of healing methods.  

Bring an issue to heal or a topic you’d like to study and explore.  Hone your craft. Deepen your presence.

Light Worker Learning Circle

You are waiting for you…

At one of my lowest times in life, the mother of a friend of mine looked at me from across her kitchen counter and said,

“There are people you have not met yet who need you to become the person you are destined to become.  They are depending on you to be there when they need you.”

Her kind eyes wrinkled as she smiled at me and I understood then that someone had said the same to her once.  And there she was, saying it to me when I needed her.

Learning with the Four Directions 2023

Light Worker Learning Circle

28th & 29th

Altar to the


Light Worker Learning Circle

25th & 26th

Altar to the


Light Worker Learning Circle

25th & 26th

Altar to the


Light Worker Learning Circle

22nd & 23rd

Altar to the


Every month we will work extensively with:

  • Constellations Healing -Learn to be a clear, effective channel for messages from the Knowing Field
  • Altar Building and Grid Work – Develop a creative and fun spiritual conversation with yourself and others
  • Internal Family Systems – Know thy self, healer.
  • Spirit Animal Life Guidance – Commune with nature as our teacher
  • Oracle Life Guidance – Read the signs, find the patterns
  • Medicine Bag Practices – Develop a portable spiritual practice
  • Guest Modalities – Present a new modality.

4-Month Program


Attend and graduate from the entire training intensive.  Study all four elements.  Receive three Constellations,  two IFS sessions, and make a medicine bag. (64 hours)

*Graduates of the Lightworker training program are able to attend the Urban Healers Constellations workshops as a representative for free for one year.

1 Weekend


Attend one weekend of the training. (16 hours)  Explore a single element.  Receive one Constellation and one IFS session.

Those who attend a Lightworker weekend are invited to join one Constellations workshop for free as a representative any time after the intensive.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need to bring food?

No, there will be snacks available but you are welcome to contribute to a pot-luck style lunch. 

Will any of the gatherings take place online?

No, these are in-person, 3D gatherings that do not yet accommodate a hybrid video component.

What is the refund policy?

There is a full refund available up to two days prior to the gathering. Shorter notice requests for refunds will receive 50% back or credit to attend a future date.  

Can I bring my Animal Companion?

Animals are welcome, but if they become loud or agitated you will need to remove them from the group.  Also, if it turns out someone is allergic we will need to respect that participant’s situation and remove the animal companion.

What if I need to leave early?

Please try your very best to attend the entire event you sign up for.  People will be showing up to support you in your work and discovery process.  It is only right to be there for them as well.  Please do not leave early.

Have another question?