Into The Light Constellations Workshop

Into The Light Constellations Workshop

Discover a new way to heal, grow, and thrive.  

Bring a question to the Knowing Field and shift old struggles into the light.

Join us in the Knowing Field

Saturday, August 19th 2023 @ 11 AM to 5 PM $200 CA

At a private residence in Parkland, between Nanton and Stavely

Alberta, Canada

Ever heard of Constellation’s work?

We invite you to join us on a fun, collective healing journey.

Janice Butler with Joyful Life Counselling Service and Brooke Ramsay with Infinite Courage Coaching will be hosting Jess Hagan of Urban Healers of LA for a one-day Constellations workshop. 

Constellations work, also known as Systemic Constellations was developed over 40 years ago and has rapidly spread across the world as one of the most powerful collective healing methods available today.

Wellness is a Wild Meadow

Into The Light Constellations Workshop

Ways Constellations Work Can Help A Systemic approach to learning

  • Resolve conflict and misunderstandings in family relationships and partner dynamics.
  • Break patterns of disconnection and open creativity.
  • Navigate illness and death in a positive way.
  • Discover the larger context for physical and emotional suffering to move towards transformation.
  • Gain hidden insights into professional dynamics and resolve co-worker, employee/employer conflicts.
  • Discover hidden conflicts in a home, or building, or outdoor environment.

About the hosts

Janice Butler Venue Host

Into The Light Constellations Workshop
We will be gathering at the private home of Janice Butler.  Janice is a heart-centered guide and inspirational teacher. Janice loves people and is known as a positive community builder. She has been called a transformational leader by her peers and her clients say she makes them feel safe and loved.  She leads with joy and compassion and wholeheartedness.  Whether you’ve been her client, in a her workshops or conferences, her unconditional love and acceptance has surely radiated into your heart and touched your soul.

Brooke Ramsay Event Organizer

Into The Light Constellations Workshop

Our workshop organizer, Brooke Ramsay is a High-Performance Coach with clients throughout North America and Europe. She is dedicated to greater freedom and energy for everyone she meets. Brooke brings her training in professional coaching, somatics, improvisation, dance, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, ultra marathon athletics, her apprenticeship under a Toltec warrior, and more to her professional work.

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Jess Hagan Constellations Facilitator

Into The Light Constellations Workshop

Our Constellations facilitator, Jess Hagan has trained in Systemic Constellations for over ten years.  She has studied with Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St. Just, Francesca Mason Boring, and many others.  She is a trauma-informed private healing arts practitioner who holds Constellations workshops in Los Angeles, California, and offers a creative, new approach to the self-discovery process.  

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