Private Sessions 90-Minute Discovery Sessions In Person or Online

IFS Sessions Online – Private Constellations Sessions

I Offer Two Types of Private Sessions

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS Sessions Online – Private Constellations Sessions

Unify All The Parts Of Your Personality

Constellations (0ne-on-One)

IFS Sessions Online – Private Constellations Sessions

Resolve A Problem In The Knowing Field

What I Do:

I ask a specific line of questions that gather information about the context of your struggle. These may include questions about the issue, but oddly, we may discuss questions about seemingly unrelated topics. This is because every problem exists in a much larger context, the way a flower exists in a larger field.

I then listen to your responses and help locate areas that are difficult to talk about either because information is missing or because there are strong emotions involved. We then either navigate strong emotions or we discover missing information through a process of internal journeying or setting up a Constellation. 

The way I work is called the Systemic approach because we look at the system that holds the struggle, not just the isolated struggle. This creative way of investigating an issue helps navigate out of negative thought patterns by discovering new, unconsidered perspectives to the issue. It is for this reason I do not call the work “therapy.” I call it a discovery process. The word therapy has some cultural definitions attatched to it that often conjur up sitting in chairs in an office facing a person for 50 minutes straight. That is not how these sessions work. I work outside in the open air with trees and grass. We sit, stand, move about, and workshop a very dynamic conversation. We also work with external objects, written prompts, and interactive free-association to investigate hidden dynamics in any challenging relationship or condition you may be facing.

What These Sessions Do: 

  • Offer a safe space to heal and problem-solve to reestablish well-being and clarity.

  • Build awareness of nature-based shamanic wisdom as reliable methods for daily wellness.

  • Teach tools and techniques for resolving grievances that block peace.
  • Expand awareness of the Sacredness in all things, events, and experiences.
  • Deepen a connection with the spiritual (non-physical) aspects of life.
  • Can take place in-person or online.


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Who I Am …

Hi, I’m Jess. I am a self-published author and alternative healing practitioner since 2008. I call myself a facilitator, guide, helper, and a friend. My role in your discovery process is to help you dialogue your situation in a variety of creative ways to help you discover your own solutions and options.  It is also my job to view you as a whole, strong, competent being who has everything you need to find your way through the current challenge. Everyone needs help navigating big struggles, but no one needs help for years and years! Depending on the type of struggle you need help with, our sessions could meet once a week or twice a week, or once a month for as long as you find them helpful. I leave it to you to decide when and how often a session will be helpful because you are the only one who knows what you need. I would be very happy to be a trusted team member on your journey into self-awareness and self-empowerment.

IFS Sessions Online – Private Constellations Sessions