IFS Sessions in Los Angeles

IFS Sessions in Los Angeles

Demonstrations of an IFS session:


I offer IFS sessions in Los Angeles and online for anyone interested in healing the source of inner conflict. Internal Family Systems therapy is based on the recent discovery that our personality is not a singular perspective but rather a collection of diverse perspectives which often conflict.  Like a meadow of different kinds of plants, flowers, and pollinators, we are a diverse system of attitudes, beliefs, and feelings all contained within one person. 

The human mind is multiple in nature.  It argues with itself and each side of the argument has a valid reason for its perspective.  When we try to hold our personality to one consistent way of thinking and feeling, we inevitably let ourselves down because it is not in our nature to remain in one enduring perspective. We are comprised of a variety of attitudes and beliefs.   The mind is a like village of aspects all with unique concerns, gifts, and insights to offer.  These different aspects are called “parts” in the IFS worldview.  And the work of an IFS session is to listen to all our parts with curiosity and compassion.  To do this we develop an awareness of the Self.

Rather than fight with all the different parts within us, this ground-breaking approach to self-guided therapy teaches us how to include, listen to, and support all the different parts of our personality.  This not only deepens our understanding of ourselves but also helps us relate better to everyone around us.  Through IFS work we can release destructive behaviors and compulsive addictions by becoming a compassionate listener to all sides of the issue.

These IFS Sessions in Los Angeles are a process of learning how to relax with parts of our personality that may have never relaxed in their life.  This process teaches us how to trust our adult selves through a fun and highly creative dialogue with our thoughts and feelings.  

An IFS Session involves: 

1. Working with our imagination as a powerful healing tool and a resource for maintaining grounded calm.

2. Listening to our emotions and our emotional logic with compassion and acceptance.

3. Developing our inner witness, the Self and the listener who is compassionate, curious, and tremendously resourceful as a healer.

Developed by Richard Schwartz over 30 years ago, the IFS approach to problem-solving is proving to be wildly successful in a variety of fields.  These IFS Sessions in Los Angeles effectively reduce stress, relieve depression, release anger, and build a sense of trust and safety with ourselves.

I offer Internal Family Systems – IFS sessions in Los Angeles and online. Learn more about me. 

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Scheduling options

If you would like to discover how the Internal Family Systems approach works, or if you have a pressing situation you need help digging in and finding clarity on, schedule one session and we can navigate all the parts of your personality involved with the issue.  

This option can be scheduled whenever you feel a session would be helpful. And can address any issue or goal you’d like to look more closely at.

Sometimes regular support over a consistent amount of time is essential for digging deep and excavating larger obstacles.  Schedule once a week for three consecutive weeks or once a month for three consecutive months and save $45.

This option enables us to consistently track and follow up on any larger challenge you may be facing to shift any long-standing challenges.  A regular recurring IFS program is able to provide a consistent support system for your healing and expansion process.