How Does a Family Constellation Workshop Work?

Family Constellations is a form of therapy that can help you to understand and heal the emotional and psychological wounds that you inherited in childhood from your family. This healing approach is based on the knowledge that we are all connected to our ancestors in physical, mental, and spiritual ways.  These connections are often forgotten or deliberately pushed away from our awareness, but the beliefs, sorrows, and resentments of those we are connected to through DNA and cultural circumstances can have a profound impact on our lives.

Sometimes talking through an issue with a traditional therapist does not get to the resolution of a problem because the problem is of an energetic and deeply subconscious nature.  Family Constellations workshops function with a different approach to logic which understands that our “logic” may not always be logical because it may be programmed with misinformation or misunderstandings from the deep past.

In a Family Constellations workshop, you will be invited to ask others in the group to represent members of your family, both living and dead.  Those representatives will express what they feel and experience in relation to other representatives and can often reveal powerful insights into the hidden dynamics of your family.  As you witness what a Constellation reveals, you may experience emotions and insights that can help you to understand your own place in the family system. You may also be able to release the emotional pain that you have been carrying unconsciously from generation to generation.

This Family Constellations workshop will teach:

  • How to increased self-awareness: Family Constellations can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in your family. You were born in a very specific position in your family.  You may be an only child, a firstborn, a middle child, or the baby of the family.  All these positions come with conditions and responsibilities we are never taught and yet always feel.  In a Family Constellations workshop, you may come to see how your current relationships are influenced by your relationship with where you belong in your family, where your family thinks you belong, and what is really true about your role and obligations. 
  • How to release of emotional pain: Emotions are an energy field that are created by a cluster of beliefs.  A belief is a thought we keep thinking over and over again.  Eckhart Tolle has classically defined this as the Pain Body.  A pain body is often inherited from our specific family and our specific culture due to unresolved violence that needs to be remembered and respected.  Oftentimes, our emotions have lost connection with the beliefs that caused the energy field in the first place.  And yet, we carry that energy around, unable to access and release the old or inaccurate beliefs causing us pain.  A Family Constellations workshop can help us to release the emotional struggles that you have been carrying from generation to generation. This can lead to a greater sense of peace and well-being.  
  • How to improved relationships: A Family Constellations workshop is dynamic and involves deeply complex social interactions that bring people together very quickly in an atmosphere of compassion.  This approach to life guidance can help you see your family members and yourself in a larger context.  This wider perspective can bring awareness of and compassion for everyone’s unique struggles which can greatly improve your relationships with your family members. You may come to see them in a new light and develop a deeper understanding of the motivations behind their hurtful actions.
  • How to find a greater sense of purpose: When we understand who we are in our family system, we gain greater security about our place in the world and how to live a more meaningful life. A Family Constellations workshop shows us how our lives are connected to the lives of our ancestors.  Connecting to our ancestors brings a profound sense of belonging.

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But how does a Family Constellations Workshop really work?

The actual experience of a Constellations process is difficult to explain.  The experience can be a bit like a dream because it is a combination of intellectual, psychological awareness combined with inexplicable spiritual awareness. While nothing can replace giving a workshop a try, here is a video clip of actor, Guy Pierce as he eloquently describes his experience at a Constellations Workshop. For those who want to go deeper in understanding Family Constellations and principles surrounding how trauma  is released and resolved in the body, mind, and spirit are invited to join our monthly gatherings here in Los Angeles, California.

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How Does a Family Constellation Workshop Work?