How Do You Want To Be Helped?

If you could have someone to talk to like a therapist, or a teacher, or a mentor, or a guide, who could help you out of pain and confusion, how would you want that dynamic to occur?

Would you want the person to listen to the topics that trouble you and then offer you ways of seeing the situation differently?

Or would you want them to fully understand what is hurting you and why and to agree that it makes perfect sense that you should be in pain?

Would you want the guide to counter your logic and descriptions or would you want them to agree with you?

Would you want to pay this person for their assistance or would you want them to give you their attention and concern for free? If they gave it freely, would you value it? If they charged you for it, would you resent them?

When I attempt to help people I find there is a discomfort about paying for guidance. But when I offer the guidance for free, there is discomfort there as well in a different form. Thoughts like, “She’s not really legit if she doesn’t charge a lot of money for her services.” conflict with, “She is too expensive! There is no way I can get the help I need at that price.”

The real question to ask when you are in pain is: Can anyone really help you yet? Or do you need to first locate your belief that it is possible to find the help you need?

When the willingness is there, it will not matter if you pay or receive for free what it is you are seeking. The money will be there if you need it or the person will arrive into your life in such a way as to make money unnecessary. When you decide to allow yourself to be helped by another, you have entered the Healing Place. What follows after you have located a willingness to receive is the exciting discovery of how you specifically relax and sustain that relaxation over time.

No one has answers for you. Everyone is a mirror in which to find your own answers.

There are a great many voices in the head. All of them but one are negative and destructive and misguided.

There is one single voice within you that knows the way you need to go to find peace. If you are in a lot of pain, that one voice will be the softest because all the other voices have been allowed to grow loud.

Anyone wishing to help you out of the pain you are in would suggest to you that you do what ever calms those voices down so that you can hear the one voice that is the eternal thread of your eternal well-being.

There is a place where all is well and that place is you outside of time.