Hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you.

There are many voices in your head. One of them is the Truth. That one is the most quiet, drowned out by the louder voices of your split mind.

We have a split mind. Literally, it has two halves and it’s primary pass-time is to question. It questions everything, including its own questions.

There is more outside of the minds thinking. The mind thinks from inside a true reality much greater than its small, self-made one. Greater reality exists. Greater reality is real and you are a part of it.

To discover what is true and real, beyond this world of constant endings, we must learn how to quiet the voices in our heads. But this can not be done with a wrestling match. Opposition is the nature of the mind. And we are wondering, adventuring out to discover what lies beyond the constant conflict, debate and chatter of our minds. So do not push your mind to be calm. Pushing for a result adds turbulence. We seek to quiet the rough waters into a single sheet of reflection.

Do not berate yourself for not being able to “meditate.” Everything in our culture becomes some form of competition and sport- including meditation! It’s outrageous! Can you meditate? Take a class, learn how, work harder, and maybe you will develop impressive meditation skills. I have seen many people who have become very good at sitting still for a long time with their spine straight which the official “correct” posture for the sport of meditation.

It is not necessary to listen to any instructions on how to meditate. Or to even call it meditation. We only want to quiet the chatter. No one knows what it will take for you to quiet your unique chatter. Holding myself still is not always helpful. Lie down, sit up, walk, run, crawl… Bide where ever you may be and find the pathway to release the tension placed in you by a competitive culture that emphasizes how to do things the right way.

It is an understandable compulsion to want to do things the right way. Why would anyone want to do them in any other way? When I figure something out, I feel eager to share with others what I have figured out and that involves describing what I did that led to a positive result. My descriptions can not help but become a form of instruction. But to heal our divided mind, we are well to hold all instruction from others loosely even those that take on extreme formality and protocols.

Your life is a path that has never before been walked. No one knows how it should be walked, including you, until each next step is taken by you.

There is a voice in your mind that will tell you the right way to go. But that voice will probably differ from what you think.

That voice is not thinking, it is not describing, and it has no need to be who you think you ‘ought’ to be. It is simply what is true, and you can know it. You can hear it.

To hear the voice of truth, hold your mind in silent readiness. Wait restfully- in whatever posture you like. Fidget all the fidgeting out, do less and let be done.