Hey drug addict, you’re going to rehab…

Hey drug addict, you’re going to rehab…

Here are 3 things you should know before you go…

  1. You’re going to rehab because deep down you love yourself and you don’t know where to turn anymore. You’re tired of fighting to survive and you know there’s another way.  Your entire life is in the moment you are standing in right now.  It is time to stop.  It is time to let go of your past beliefs and stories about yourself. Those stories in your head aren’t true. They were created by your mind to help you survive.  Those stories were awesome.  They served their purpose.  They kept you alive.  And now you are ready to let go and bring in something new.  You can do this. 
  1. You are going to rehab because it is time to be with yourself as you are.  You are the only person who can do that.  You are the only person who can love who you are.  You are the only person who can truly understand everything you’ve survived and how far you’ve really come.   And you are the only one who can take yourself even further. This small step into that building is a giant step towards your soul.  Going to rehab, while not a perfect system, is still an investment in your self.  You will discover a lot of problems with the rehab system, and they will probably make you think you are the problem.  But even with its flaws, the structure it offers can help you make a change for the better.  This is the path towards living a healthy, peaceful, and extraordinary life beyond your wildest expectations.  You are the creator of your life. Surrender and accept your life circumstances just the way they are.   It is time to locate a place of calm within yourself.  It is time to locate love and to learn how to function from that mindset. Only you will be able to do the work ahead. It is a beautiful gift that you get to do this work.  It is a beautiful gift that you’ve stayed alive this long and are now beginning to climb out of the canyon you’ve fallen into.  When you cross that threshold and enter rehab, remember-  Its not about the destination. It’s about the journey.  Just take one step at a time.
  1. It is not your fault you are going to rehab.  Everything is a learning process.  You made the best of what you got in life.  Going to rehab is not a punishment.  It is a new opportunity to expand your life and to discover a new, healthier kind of intensity.  This may be the lowest point in your life.  But it is important for you to know that the universe has your back, otherwise, in my experience you should have been dead by now.  Being able to go to rehab is a gift.  Many people do not ever make it.  Everything is a learning process.  What have you learned? You’ve learned that you are a survivor and a warrior.  Take this time now to love, live, and learn even more.  You now have a 2nd chance at life.  

I went to rehab 3 times.  I have been at the edge you are at right now and I get it on a deep level. I wanted to die every second of every day. I had no hope for the future.  But somehow I just took one step at a time.  I learned that it takes what it takes to clear your head and get to where you were truly meant to be on this crazy planet.  Trust that the universe has your back 100%.  We are not born knowing anything.  We have to learn everything.  There is beauty in the learning process because that is how you discover your truth.  If you go into Rehab with your head in the right space, you can lift your life up into a dream you never thought possible.  You can open to what is new and end the cycles of pain.  The process of improvement is real and it will happen for you.  It is time to open to what is new.  Keep in mind, the system is flawed, but you can use it to get what you need.

I feel for the challenge you will face in the days ahead.  All I can say, bottom line, is: Love the shit out of yourself. Know that you are  going to be okay. I don’t know you, but I do know you. And I love you. You are not alone in this journey of self-discovery. The main discovery is that struggle in life never ends.  We just learn how to navigate it better.

As I write this, I have lots of worries. But I know I have everything I need in this moment to get me to the next moment. I am committed to cultivating hope and trust in my life experience.  I trust that my life is turning out exactly how the universe wants it to. And I trust the same is true for you.  Be patient in your process as new challenges arise.  You will be able to handle old problems differently when you commit to taking this hard-earned retreat. You old narratives and the way you used to live can now really change for the better. 

As you spend your first night in the rehab program, remember that all is good in the moment. Breathe into your difficult feelings.  You’ve survived them so far.  Don’t run from them any more.  Let the feelings come.  Things are evolving for you. Believe in the decision you’ve made and know that you are fucking great.  Keep it up! Before you go to rehab, make a promise to yourself that when you get out you will call someone before you fall into doing something you know you don’t want to do. I promise you life is worth living.  When you get out, if you want to talk with someone who’s gone through a similar journey, feel free to reach out.  I would be happy to hear from you. I would be happy to help.  Get in touch if you’d like some support.

Suggestion: Every day you are in rehab write 5 things you are grateful for and see that you have much to live for. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just compare yourself to you yesterday and aim to become the best version of you possible

You’ve got this.

With love,

Ari Kaufman

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Hi, I’m Ari.  It is my hope that this blog series will be a resource for anyone who is striving to break substance and behavior addictions.  I offer one-on-one support as well as a bi-monthly mens group in West LA. If you are looking for someone to help you keep your hard-earned life changes in place after rehab, feel free to reach out.

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