Healing suicidal depression with Family Constellations

Healing suicidal depression with Family Constellations

How to heal suicidal depression with Family Constellations a new approach to healing the heart

Healing suicidal depression with Family Constellations is a truly effective way to overcome a desire to die.  I know this for a fact because I navigated out of my own personal battle with suicidal depression when I discovered Constellation’s work back in 2015.    After spending countless hours searching for and sitting with one-on-one therapists, I discovered that talking about my life situation in detail was not really relieving my pain.  Trying to talk through my despair made me feel like I was constantly circling the airport and never arriving at a resolution.  A growing desire to finally land, heal, and thrive was mounting, along with my therapy bills.  

Many people conclude there is no way out of their pain. This is a tragedy I’ve dedicated my life to trying to prevent.  Depression is curable.  Every living being on Earth is a natural healer who can learn to follow the movement of their own soul’s journey towards a joyful life.  

Healing is a complex and diverse social process.

A desire to die is nothing to be afraid of.  Learning how to hold space for big feelings of despair is the only way to actually find relief for those feelings. Our cultural phobia of suicidal depression deserves deeper consideration.  Dying is going to eventually happen. There is value in having a part of me who is not only not afraid to die but in some ways ready to do so.  That part of me has a very practical perspective that will eventually be quite helpful when it is time to transition.  

But suicidal depression is not really a desire to die, it is a desire for the mental pain to end.  It is a misguided solution to what seems to be an overwhelming problem.  If you struggle with debilitating despair, if you find the bottom keeps dropping out of all your motivations to pursue activities and goals, I want to assure you that shifting out of the headspace of despair permanently is more than just possible, it is inevitable when we learn how to get out of the way and let our inherent healing abilities lead the way.

I offer methods for healing suicidal depression with Family Constellations workshops in Los Angeles.  I do not just believe in the power of this healing method, I know from experience that it works. 

What is Family Constellations Work, you ask?  Here is an interview I gave with Melanie Curtin on her podcast: “Dear Men,” where I share a little bit more about my own healing journey and how a Family Constellations workshop can help get to the heart of any issue.

Listen to the Interview: A Conversation on how to find real solutions to painful problems.

Family constellations, or family systems constellations, is one of the deepest and most profound modalities I’ve ever come across. It’s a kind of somatic therapy — a way of healing on a body level, in community. Listen to learn how family constellations can help with chronic and seemingly intractable patterns like attachment issues, feelings of isolation and abandonment, and even the desire to die.

-Melanie Curtin