LIGHT WORKER LIFE GUIDANCE INTENSIVES Join the monthly community for alternative healing resources

Light Worker Learning Circle

Starts October 20th 2023

Are you looking for a way to overcome a challenge and thrive in life? Do you want to learn how to use a variety of alternative healing tools to help yourself and others resolve struggles and live more fulfilling lives? Perhaps you’d like to become a professional alternative healer but don’t know where to begin? 

Join our monthly alternative healing gatherings in Los Angeles.

This program offers several ways to get involved and receive guidance, supervision, and support for a variety of health, professional, and social issues.

You may be in a powerful time of transition and in need of support as you release and discover new perspectives to a live challenge. Or you may be well-established in your field and need a few check-ins and peer reviews from time to time just to keep a fresh perspective and connect socially. Or perhaps you are curious about all the Healing Arts has to offer and where your skills are a match…  This program is a high integrity learning community that will study, teach, lecture on, and practice alternative healing resources in depth.

This monthly life guidance intensive teaches the foundations of:

  • How to use these techniques to help yourself and others heal from past traumas and legacy burdens
  • How to help people connect with their spirit guides and animal totems to connect and commune with Earth as a profound resource
  • How to integrate all the different parts of our personality into a healthy whole to understand and accept ourselves and others.

We offer 4 different ways to participate in our on-going life-guidance learning circle.  Fire - Water - Earth - Air

You decide the pace and the intensity of your investigations with four different ways to join our monthly gatherings. 

Join for: 

  • An 8-month custom tailored professional alternative healing program (128 hours)
  • A 4-month intensive personal healing program (64 hours)
  • A weekend healing retreat (16 hours)
  • A one-day drop-in study session (8 hours)
Light Worker Learning Circle

Fire Bundle


If you are looking for a committed training practice that serves as a rite of passage into becoming a healing arts professional, join the 8-month training program.  Those who chose this path are given outside projects and weekly support in their studies and healing process. This core group builds lasting relationships to a community support resource.

Graduate from the entire training intensive in 8 months and launch a healing arts practice.  Receive three Constellations,  two IFS sessions, and tech training on how to set up your healing arts business online. 

*Graduates of the 8-month Lightworker training program are welcome to attend all the Urban Healers Constellations workshops as a representative for free for six months after graduating.

Payment can be made in two installments of $1200

Light Worker Learning Circle

Water Bundle


If you are not quite ready or interested in becoming a professional facilitator/healer but would like help navigating a large life struggle, join for four consecutive months of two-day intensives.  This consisted pacing of support and exploration can help when the issue is large and in need of a community.  Bring a struggle to work through each month.  Connect to a supportive community. Receive two Constellations and 1 IFS sessions over a period of four months.

*This option is a commitment to attend consecutively for four months straight.  This is not  a drop-in option.

Those who attend the 4-month on-going support are able to join 4 Constellations workshop for free once as a representative any time for six months after the intensive.

Payments can be made in two installments of $700

Light Worker Learning Circle

Earth Bundle

1 weekend
2 day intensive

Perhaps the issue you are struggling with just needs a bit of laser focus and attention. Or perhaps you are already a professional healer and need supervision with a current client or a new healing approach to refresh your life-long study of the healing arts.  a supportive place to work through an issue in creative ways. Attend one weekend of the life guidance community. (2 days and a Constellations workshop) Connect to a supportive community. 

Includes participation in the  monthly open Constellations workshop.  And one guaranteed Constellation. Receiving the Constellation may or may not be possible on the weekend you attend and may need to be scheduled for a later workshop.

Those who attend a Lightworker intensive weekend are invited to join one Constellations workshop for free as a representative any time for three months after attending an intensive. 

Light Worker Learning Circle

Air Bundle

1 day
8 hour intensive

Fellow travelers just passing through are also most welcome to join, and are probably needed on that very day for a specific reason.  Keep a divine appointment with a gathering of fellow healers and attend one day of the training. (8 hours)   Bring an issue you would like to investigate.  Connect with a supportive community. Receive one Constellation or one IFS session.

This is a drop-in option that is available for anyone as often as you need.  If you feel you will want to attend several in a row, consider the 4-month option.  But this one-day intensive may be all that is needed to help locate forward movement in a specific life area.

Who is this training for?

  • Someone who is committed to their own personal growth
  • Someone who is passionate about helping others and wants to become a professional helper, healer, and medicine person.
  • Someone who is interested in learning about family constellations, spirit animal life guidance, and internal family systems techniques

Benefits of Our Healer Training Program

  • Locate and strengthen your unique skills and knowledge to become a powerful space holder to help others heal
  • Receive support and guidance from your peers and instructor as you dive into resolving any blocks preventing you from stepping into your gifts
  • Connect with other healers and create a support system

This Healer Training will study and practice:

  • Constellations Healing -Learn to be a clear, effective channel for messages from the Knowing Field
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) – Know thy self, healer.
  • Spirit Animal Life Guidance – Commune with nature as a trusted teacher
  • Oracle Life Guidance – Read the signs, find the patterns
  • Altar Building and Grid Work – Develop a creative and fun spiritual conversation with yourself and others

Healer Training Schedule 2023-2024 Curriculum

Morning Session: 10 am to 12:30 – Systemic Constellations Facilitator Training

Afternoon Session: 1:30 pm to 4:30 – Internal Family Systems Training

Evening Session: 5 pm to 6 pm – Ancient and Ancestral Healing Practices – Altars and Grids and Fireside discussion

October 20th – 21st
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

November 17th – 18th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

December 15th – 16th  *Online Only

Website training for healers: Creating and managing a website. Introduction to Canva, Mailchimp, and other business tools.

January 19th – 20th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

February 16th – 17th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

March 15th – 16th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

April 12th – 13th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

May 17th – 18th
10 AM to 6 PM

Constellations, IFS, Elemental Healing 

You are waiting for you…

At one of my lowest times in life, the mother of a friend of mine looked at me from across her kitchen counter and said,

“There are people you have not met yet who need you to become the person you are destined to become.  They are depending on you to be there when they need you.”

Her kind eyes wrinkled as she smiled at me and I understood then that someone had said the same to her once.  And there she was, saying it to me when I needed her.

Become a space holder for those who will need your guidance and support. Learn more about Jess

Light Worker Learning Circle


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need to bring food?

There will be snacks available but bring whatever you need to feel comfortable for the day. You are welcome to contribute to a pot-luck style snack table. 

Will any of the gatherings take place online?

Yes, one weekend in December is online. All other gatherings are in-person, 3D gatherings that do not yet accommodate a hybrid video component.

What is the refund policy?

There is a full refund available up to two weeks prior to the gatherings. Short notice cancelations will receive a credit to attend a future date.  

Can I bring my Animal Companion?

Animals are very welcome, but if they become loud or agitated you will need to remove them from the group.  Also, if it turns out someone is allergic we will need to respect that participant’s situation and remove the animal companion.

What if I need to leave early?

Please try your very best to attend the entire event you sign up for.  People will be showing up to support you in your work and discovery process.  It is only right to be there for them as well.  Please do not leave early.