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Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles

About the CONSTELLATION Process:

There are two ways to approach any struggle we may have in life: privately or with a group. Each approach is helpful in different ways and often we may benefit from a combination of both. Our Family Constellations workshops in Los Angeles are founded on ancient group healing techniques.  The origins of this healing approach came from the Zulu people of Africa who recognized the deep importance of having an awareness of one’s ancestors and cultural origins.

Receiving a personal Constellation begins with a group of people gathering in a circle. You will have a discussion with the facilitator of the workshop about the topic you wish to learn more about. The trained facilitator is your guide through the movements and the information that gets revealed during the Constellation.

The facilitator will then invite you to choose people from the group to stand as representatives for aspects of the issue you have brought. You then place those representatives in the empty space of the circle in relation to other representatives. We then observe the dynamics that unfold between the representatives as they move and react in relation to each other. The insights that get revealed in this simple setup is astounding and illuminating. The representatives move around the space and interact like star constellations shifting in the sky which is where the name “Constellations” comes from. What they reveal about the issue is often intensely accurate and leads to a deeper understanding of the issue.

When we see our struggles in the larger context of the social patterns that may even go back several generations, we are often liberated from the personal frustration we believed was ours alone to resolve. These Constellations workshops in Los Angeles help you to discover the original source of a negative pattern as well as locate the healing movement that will release it from your psychology. These workshops are not related to traditional talk therapy or psychology but can often complement those resources.   These workshops are highly interactive and socially dynamic event that speaks in the non-verbal language of the heart.  Its positive effects are powerful and enduring. 

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Details

SKILL LEVEL:               Anyone over the age of 18

WHERE:                     In-person Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Glendale

WHEN:                        Check the calendar above for all future dates.

How to Register:      RSVP via  EVENT BRIGHT 

Price:                          There are two ticket prices

$40 to participate as a representative in the Field. (We offer 10 tickets per workshop)

$80 to receive a personal Constellation. (We offer 4 Constellation setups per workshop.)

There are 4 tickets available to receive a Constellation.  There are 12 tickets available to participate as a resonator/representative.

If you are totally new to Constellation’s work, the $40 ticket is the perfect introduction.

Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles
Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles
Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles
Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles