What does the Eagle Spirit Animal Totem Mean? Inspiration

Eagle Spirit Animal Totem

Eagle Spirit Animal Totem – Inspiration – How do we hold onto passion in daily life? Waiting for the inspiration to find the courage to express ourselves creatively can often leave us in the waiting state indefinitely.  As much as we might like the creative process to be carried upon the effortless wings of Spirit all the time, Eagle says, “Don’t wait for God to inspire you. Start somewhere and find the spirit in the seemingly mundane.” 

When you find Spirit in small places daily, you invite in-spiration into your life.  A daily practice of connecting your heart to that which inspires you makes it much easier for Spirit to find you for the bigger winds that could blow your way.  As Steven Pressfield wrote in his book, The War of Art, “The Muse rewards a working stiff.”  Inspiration takes practice.

To engage Big Medicine we must make manageable amounts of spaces in our lives over time rather than one large space once a year.  A daily practice of incremental expansion physically builds stamina and creates the healthy, stable space your body needs to house truly powerful experiences.  If we only danced when we were inspired to dance we might grow dizzy or fall when the Spirit came whipping through us. Practice, even through the awkward clunky days creates a trusting relationship between you and inspiration. If we cram for finals in the last week of school rather than slowly integrate the year’s curriculum over time, we will forget the teachings within the week.  And so what exactly was all that effort for? To earn a paper grade we file away?

Many Eagle Medicine people do not make good grades in public school because public school does not give topics enough time for integration before issuing tests to prove whether you know something or not.  The real test of knowing something does not come two weeks after reading a chapter.  It comes two years later at a bus stop in conversation with a stranger.  Knowledge is nothing if it is not woven into the impulses of our daily life.  To have access to knowledge, whether it is basic data or complex concepts, we must engage the material often- to the point where we know it in our sleep.  Only then is it possible for Spirit to come and teach us some new aspect of what we thought we knew.

The Eagle Spirit Animal Totem asks us why life is worth living? If you’ve drawn Eagle in reverse, your spirits may be reaching dangerously low levels and it is time to lift up and connect with a meta-physical (beyond physical) stream of energy.  When we lose connection to the metaphysical experiences beyond daily life, daily life oddly loses its meaning.

When working with Eagle Medicine, the outcome will always be filled with grace and awe.   The reason we are here is to find the wonder, joy, and awe in all things.  We are not here to suffer or struggle and as a species, we are now learning for the first time in our recorded history how to learn lessons without the motivation of pain.  We are developing the concepts of preventative medicine which is hard to prove since it prevents things from going wrong!

Most people have spent so many years enduring unhappiness that they often need to learn how to sustain happiness, how to create space to have no problems if even for a few hours.  What if nothing were wrong today?  Would you look over your shoulder nervously expecting the next adversity to come your way?  Or would you fully receive the spirit and give over to feeling good?  The more we allow feeling good, the better we will get at it.  When Eagle arrives it is time to drop the mental analysis and the caution and go where the wind lifts you.

Waiting for the outside world to clarify your life’s purpose can cause confusion since there are so many possible purposes to engage in life.  Clarity of purpose is an action from within.  It is the conviction to stop weighing all the options and make a decision to choose a path and give something a try.  Remaining vague about your heart’s desires may cause Eagle Medicine to swoop down and catch your heart in her talons so that you can locate your passions.  If you repress inspired actions Eagle may have you on the run in a victim state.  Stop dodging, stop hiding.  Shapeshift into the courage of Eagle.  She is the thunderclap, the strike of lightning, the cosmic spark of new life in a seed or an egg.  And so are you.

This Medicine is irrational and non-verbal.  If the Eagle Spirit Animal Totem has come into your life, it is time to clarify any fuzzy logic and hone in on clarity about a decision.   There is no hiding from your higher self.  Eagle Medicine is the experience of eliminating mental doubt as well as emotional insecurity so that thoughts and feelings aline into silent perfection.

In Native Teachings, Eagle Medicine is of the highest vibrational frequency of all Animal Medicines. Along with Buffalo, she presides over all sacred ceremonies. Her feather Medicine can not be used for harmful negative purposes.  When in the presence of Eagle Medicine any selfish plots or intrigues unfold into a greater good for all involved. Unlike Owl Medicine or Crow Medicine, Eagle is not neutral. She is only positive. In the cosmic order of things, the opposite of positive is not negative.  The opposite of positive is neutral. From inside neutral, we chose to take either a positive or negative perspective.  Negative lives inside the neutral space of free will- where we live.  When in the realm of Eagle Medicine we are outside the neutral 3rd dimension in the Greater Reality.  The source of all that is- is joy. Eagle Medicine is the realm of “all is well.”

When the Eagle Spirit Animal Totem is out of balance in our lives we may be resisting our true calling.  We may have decided to take everything at face value without any spark of mystery.  Are you settling for the safe and reliable at the expense of finding your gifts and powers?  It is only a matter of time before Eagle lands to reveal to you some new aspect of the Greater Reality.  The Eagle Totem asks that we not get stuck in the illusions of solid matter. Newtonian science solved mystery after mystery, answering question after technical question with accurate and measurable proof.  But it never solved the mystery of the ‘is-ness’ of life.  That is a silent space within us all and Eagle is inviting you in.

Another possible aspect of Eagle reversed could be an excessive amount of attention to the Spiritual Realm to the neglect of daily affairs.  Eagles build nests on solid rock in mountain niches.  She has mastered the art of grounding and can now fly the highest in the sky.  Before you journey forth beyond your body, make sure you are safe, healthy, and grounded and can find your way back to regular life with ease.  Not every moment can be spectacular.  Not every event holds equal significance.  If you’ve found you’ve developed an addiction for the sensational, take a look at your diet to change your brain chemistry.  Cut back on stimulants like coffee and sugar.  Sleep.  Soak.  Eat protein. Try to change your relationship with the do-nothing hours of Sunday morning when nothing much is happening and find a quieter joy in the smaller things in life.

Eagle can see the Mouse and the mountain at once. She is aware of the large and the small functions of daily life. She understands that all is small, and in its simplicity lies the miraculous.  Eagle medicine has the ability to expand the mundane into the extraordinary because all that is is ultimately extraordinary.

Eagle Spirit Animal Positive Affirmations:

  • Begin anywhere and the focus will follow.
  • I connect all I do to a larger greater good.
  • My actions have profound spiritual importance.  
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