Don’t believe everything you think.

Just because you feel something very strongly does not validate its reality. It certainly confirms that whatever the thought is, it is important to you. But if we consider how many things have been grippingly important to us over the years, we have to observe that what we thought was important as a teenager, in our twenties, in our thirties… etc… is now no longer important. What we find important changes. Sometimes it does an absolute reversal. This would be distressing if our brains did not also obliterate all memories of our previous way of seeing. But if we pay close attention, we can catch this confounding event and see it for what it is- crazy!

The thinking mind is, technically speaking, crazy. But that doesn’t mean you are crazy. YOU- what you really are- is the definition of sane.

When clouds fill the sky and block all view of the sun, we do not think that the sun is gone. We do not forget about the sun’s existence. We know that the clouds will clear and the sun is there as it always will be.

Your thoughts are clouds blocking you from the eternal source of you which is literally made of light. You are light. You are laughter, joy, love, and passionate interest.

Why the crazy thoughts? Why the cloudy conditions?

I have some ideas about this to offer which I am hesitant to put into words because the only words that come to mind as descriptors have also been used in religious contexts which have abused the human psyche for centuries. Words like God, and spirit, and Christ, and Holy Ghost have been appropriated by that very thinking mind and given negative connotations to the point of rendering the words painful to hear.

But I feel it is necessary to restore such words, if possible, to their original purposes. Or- if such is not possible, to use them in a way to find new words to describe what needs to be said. If you can bear with me here, I would like to start with the idea the bible speaks of when it says, “God made man in his image.”

Okay, several problems with this idea spring up right away which again, feed the ego because our upset-ness prevents us from actually considering the statement for its possible value. We have strong opinions about male, female- gender roles- and all that. But there is a real value in the statement if we can neutralize its charge.

The idea that God is male is only being conveyed because the English language does not have a neutral word for the concept of the CREATOR of all that is. And so when we need to grammatically refer to that-which-is-the Source-of all, people in the past used a pronoun of masculine gender instead of constantly repeating the word God or creator. Pronouns are shortcode.

Then we still have to contend with the “man” part of the sentence. Just replace that word with “people” if it helps.

The sentence is not wrong. Its language is just outdated given the current climate of gender politics- which are irrelevant to the statement’s actual message. A more neutral way of saying the idea is-

That which created you- made you like what it is. So – you have within the same creative powers as All creation which created you. That is how powerful you are. But that still does not make you All Creation. It makes you a part of it- with like powers to create whatever you want.

This capacity of such creative power was given out of “God’s” joy. It is what Creation wanted. Equal creators in which to explore the infinite process of discovery. What can be? What wants to arise? It is not pre-determined or inevitable. It is a mystery. And the reason it is a mystery is because we, as creators, are free to choose what and how we create. Free will to make our own decisions is essential for true creation and that is what the Source of all that is wanted. It wants true creation. Without this capacity to choose for ourselves how we will live our lives, “God” would not have an exploratory nature, it would not have creative capacity and this can not be because it is a fact that by definition, God is creation. Life is creative. and so, you are creative, as God is. What you think- makes the world you live in. It makes the world we all live in together.

So, you were created with the ability to create = God made man in his image. You are like God.

But from the nature of this astounding gift a situation arises which we need to address now and always. We have the ability to create without a connection to the source which created us. Our creator made us that way in order to have true creative events instead of dictated obedience to preferences.

We are like God with the capacity to create, but we are only one small part of God. But God ( the Source of all that is) is and will forever be larger than what we are. We are a ‘subset’ of God’s creative capacities who have been given the mind-blowing gift of freedom to do what-ever-we-want.

Because we were created like that which created us- we have tremendous power to make choices which align with that which created us or to travel far, far, (so very far) away from the source of our creativity. Free will, an open system is God’s will- it is the physics needed in the creative act of living.

The option to choose must be there. It is not a mistake in this structure. But there are many many posiblities to make mistakes which go against the nature of creation, which is a field of pure joy. Choice is the freedom God wants of “his” creations and it is good for us to have that power- even when we chose to pursue a path of violence or pain. The ability to choose our own way is the inextricable physics of what real love is- which is freedom. Creation, (The Field, The Tao, God) created us with the freedom to chose to align with Nature or to align with our own creative powers, against the flow of Nature (God).

Given such powers, we believed ourselves to be our own source and forgot that we have a Source which is infinitely stronger. When we chose to follow our own decisions without connecting to the inherent nature of our original source- we make the ego field. The ego field is a result of our forgetting where our ability to chose even came from. The ego field is the result of our tremendous creative power in an isolated concept of self as our own power source.

It is an understandable misunderstanding and the Source which made us is not angry with any “abuse” of power we may have committed. When given the powers of creation, it would make sense that we would think of ourselves as the source of all answers or the power to achieve all our goals. But we are not our own source. We came from a Source. That source is infinitely and forevermore powerful and more intelligent and more clever than we could ever live up to. The Source of our power sees us as good. Eternally good. We are, in its eyes beautiful to behold. We are its utter joy. It loves what we are even while we forget what we are.

In our confused state, we think we are responsible for finding answers to problems we were never designed to find. We were never designed to see ALL or to comprehend the vast complexities of global dynamics. We simply do not have God’s full powers of ubiquitous perspective and we were never intended to. We were intended to be an exploratory part of that which made us. To be a connected extension of God’s full powers. We are the event horizon of Creation as it creates.

This is all very good news. It means we do not have to find answers we simply are not designed to find. It means we can find ALL answers when we remember that we are not the whole source and we turn towards that source and simply ask for help.

If you do not know how to solve a particular problem in your life right now- How money will come? How love will grow between you and someone? How your skills or comprehension in some field will grow- rest easy in the knowing that it was never ever your job to figure such things out. But within you is that which Will figure all these interests out and guide you as the expression of joy you were always made to be.

That which made you is always there and always larger, stronger, and more at peace. To feel threatened by or uncomfortable with the idea that there is “someone” or “something” larger than you is an ego construct putting you in competition with God. This will only lead to a world of pain. Let go of telling yourself and others what you think needs to happen and ask the part of you that simply knows what wants to happen.

Your thoughts are a byproduct of the necessary physics of your creative powers and it is your choice as to how you want to use those powers- those thoughts. Your thoughts are what actually create the world around you. Whatever your hands decide to do or wherever your legs take you, or whatever you end up saying in a given day- is all coming from your mind, your thoughts. So what are they? You can be certain that your hands are not making decisions for you. Your legs are not walking you anywhere. You are. That is the gift of choice Creation gave you. Remember your source and let go of the notion that you are self-created or that you need to figure things out. Choosing to work outside of the Source field will cause endless pain. Choosing to put down that struggle and listen to how the Source field works will bring eternal joy.

Your thoughts are not a guide to well-being.

You have the ability to learn how to not think at all. What would life be like if you stopped thinking?

My cat, Otter was a constant answer to this question. What would happen if I stopped thinking? Softness, coziness, comfort, warmth, joy in the sun. Peace.