What is the Knowing Field?

What is the Knowing Field?

Over 100 years ago when modern Western psychology was born, a controversial concept was introduced to Western minds that is now commonly known as the collective unconscious. This concept was coined by Karl Jung in an essay written in 1916 titled, “The Structure of the Unconscious.” But Jung had not discovered anything new when he wrote about the collective unconscious. He only rephrased a concept that indigenous cultures have never forgotten.

The Knowing Field is the collective unconscious. It clarifies the fact that we are all connected. It may look as though we all live in separate little boxes and work in separate little cubicles, but our minds and our feelings are all part of a larger fabric of a shared life experience. This fabric we are a part of is a living, conscious awareness. It is a collective knowing of such astounding magnitude, it goes far beyond anything science will ever be able to measure.

The Knowing Field is a psychic, mental realm where the memories of humanity and of all living creatures can be accessed in a way that brings clarity beyond our limited perceptions. The concepts behind the Knowing Field are simple: We are all here together, connected. And no information is ever lost, no matter how long ago it was buried or forgotten.

The Knowing Field is an energetic public library we can go to to look up any topic we’d like clarity on. When we explore this cosmic collective library, we not only expand awareness of our own personal experiences. We expand and uplift life awareness as a whole across all living species. In the Knowing Field, we can talk to the trees, the house we grew up in, an ancestor from the old country, the spirit of the land between two countries, the ocean, the stars, and more. The Knowing Field is the cosmic cauldron and the Great Mystery.

My teacher, Stephan Hausner once explained, “It is not possible to understand how the Knowing Field works. It is only possible to understand how we, ourselves work in the Knowing Field.”

A Constellations workshop is an invitation to explore parts of our psyche we can not reach by ourselves. Like that spot on our backs we can’t quite get to, a group gathering can help us access resolutions just out of our reach. When people come together for a common cause there is great power and no limits to the Grace we can achieve.