Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles

Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles

Join our Family Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles. This monthly gathering is a great place to discover a powerful resource for navigating through any sort of life challenge you may be facing.  

You can bring a health issue, an emotional struggle, a challenging career goal, or a relationship issue to this workshop. We will help you discover a powerful new way to transform the core of any issue.  

When a group of people comes together with the common focus of discovery and improvement, the positive effects can be quite powerful.   We look forward to meeting you!

Constellations Workshop Details

Family Constellations Workshops in LA – Details

PRICE:         You may see two ticket prices for a workshop.  One price reserves your place as a representative.  One price reserves your place to receive a personal Constellation.            

 $80 to receive a Constellation
 $40 to participate as a representative/resonator

*We set up four Constellations per workshop so there are only 4 spots available to receive a Constellation per workshop.  Be sure to check the type of ticket you purchase at check out.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

About the Workshop Facilitator

Hi, I’m Jess.  I am a trained facilitator for Family Systems Constellation workshops in Los Angeles and I hold in-person workshops outside in my back yard Glendale, California as well as at other holistic healing studios around LA.  Learn more about Jess…

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