Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles

Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles

Join our Family Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles. This monthly gathering is a great place to discover a powerful resource for navigating through any sort of life challenge you may be facing.  

You can bring a health issue, an emotional struggle, a challenging career goal, or a relationship issue to this workshop. We will help you discover a powerful new way to transform the core of any issue.  

About our Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles a brief description of the process

Family Constellation’s workshops are a healing technique that focus on discovering the hidden/unconscious energy dynamics in your family and how those interactions shaped your perception of the world around you.  We do not only inherit our physical features from our parents.  We also inherit their energetic belief systems.  These beliefs can often limit our lives because they originated at a time that is no longer applicable.  Changing our beliefs is the foundation of all healing.  The group process of our monthly Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles is an effective resource for self exploration, investigating a long-standing struggle, and problem solving issues that seem resistant to change.

While mainstream therapy focuses on one-on-one conversations with the client, Constellation gatherings use representatives from the group to build a larger picture of the situation and where the client is in relation to all the people involved.  This enables us to see a personal problem as part of a larger system, which can be a relief to discover.

The Constellation process recognizes that we all belong to a variety of different groups or ‘systems’ which shape our sense of identity.  We are part of our family identity, our ethnic identity, work identity, and many other systems including hobby groups and social networks.

Whenever you wish to change a specific issue it is very helpful to see yourself and the issue in its larger context. In a Constellation workshop we discover the specifics of the dynamic systems you belonged to in the past or are currently engaging.  This is the first step in finding solutions to shifting out of old patterns that no longer serve your life goals.

What to expect at a Constellation Workshop how to prepare

Our monthly Family Constellations Workshop in Los Angeles last several hours.  We continue working until the whole group is tired so it can be helpful to set aside the whole day for these events.  We set up three guaranteed Constellations.  After those three set-ups, we often have time and energy to set up a fourth Constellation.

A Constellation “set-up” is what we call the process of choosing people from the group to represent aspects of the issue being investigated.  These spatial dynamics reveal the key elements of your issue, so you can literally see before your very eyes a three-dimensional visual of the hidden dynamics you are struggling with.  It is a tremendously valuable method of problem solving that not only involves well-informed therapeutic conversations with the facilitator, but also often invites the healing power of shamanic, ceremonial rites of passage which is so valued in indigenous healing methods and overlooked in modern approaches. 

A Constellations workshop is a fully engaging experience.  We recommend setting aside the whole day to participate and also setting aside the next day to just relax and contemplate the experience to fully integrate it into your life and personality.  Letting a Constellation event change you is the beginning of the natural healing process.

The Family Constellations process is over thirty years old and has a large and ever-growing community of practitioners.  This approach to healing and transformation draws from a number of other modalities including: Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Virginia Satir’s family Sculpting, Psychodynamics, Hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy, and the experience Hellinger had while living for sixteen years in South Africa near the Zulu community.

To learn more about the global Constellations community visit the International Systemic Constellations website.

We offer workshops at a private residence in Glendale, California as well as The Awareness Center yoga studio in Pasadena.

Join our Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles. We look forward to meeting you!

Family Constellations Workshops in LA – Pricing Details

PRICE:         There are two ticket prices for a single workshop.  One price reserves your place as a representative.  One price reserves your place to receive a personal Constellation.            

 $80 to receive a Constellation
 $40 to participate as a representative/resonator

*We set up three Constellations per workshop so there are only 3 spots available to receive a Constellation per workshop.  Be sure to check the type of ticket you purchase at check out.

The following months’ tickets go on sale the evening of the last Constellation.   

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

About the Workshop Facilitator

Hi, I’m Jess.  I am a trained facilitator for Family Systems Constellation workshops in Los Angeles and I hold in-person workshops outside in my back yard Glendale, California as well as at other holistic healing studios around LA.  Learn more about Jess…