Is Constellations Work Real?

Is Constellations Work Real?

Many people are uncertain about the official legitimacy of Constellation’s work as a healing process. It is true that the work is an alternative approach to healing that differs greatly from traditional Western medical practices. But the concern about the realness of Constellations is really about a deeper issue involving the power of one’s mind and the importance of our imagination in the healing process.

Any resolution to any illness or issue we may have in life will always involve our thoughts. Our thoughts are all we ever have. What we believe determines what will unfold next for us. All healing methods that work do so because they are convincing to the deep parts of our belief system. The reason a doctor’s office is effective most of the time is that that environment has established centuries of authority. The elaborate setting, the formal questions, the official structure of the whole doctor process quickly convince the mind that something “real” and “official” will take place in a doctor’s office.

But the authority of a doctor or the authority of the doctor’s office setting does not guarantee that an effective remedy will be found. Our belief in the doctor’s authority contributes greatly to how receptive we are to their suggested treatments. But they will always be suggestions and we are always free to get a second, third, or fourth opinion. It is all opinion based.

The truth is, no one can have more information about our issues than our own selves. How could it be otherwise? The challenging question is, how do we access our own deeper knowing? We need a process of inquiry that enables us to bring what we consciously know about our dilemma to a discussion while also inviting new perceptions.

A Constellations workshop uses a whole circle of perceptions. We use a group of people to look at a situation collectively. When a group of relative strangers comes together to examine an issue in the Knowing Field, we have access to a wider range of unbiased perspectives contributing to our unique and private investigation process.

When we engage in the unpredictable movements of a Constellation setup, we are trusting that what comes to our minds during that special time is somehow relevant to the issue we are examining. We are also trusting that what comes to the minds of the representatives will also be relevant, and very often new, yet not so surprising information for us. And so the Constellation process is actually developing our ability to trust our own minds.

Trusting what comes to our mind can feel uncomfortable if we are not people who have specific master’s degrees in the topic we are discovering. We rarely consider ourselves to be experts. But what if we could change that self-perception? What if healing depended on that very change? What if what comes to our mind, even though it seems random and inexplicable, is relevant information and we took courage to trust its messages?

Because Constellations work connects to a higher power called the Knowing Field, the whole healing process is an invitation to develop trust in a higher power. It is only through our minds that greater guidance can ever reach us. Could you imagine how we would react if we heard the voice of Greater Guidance speak to us through the radio? Or call us up? We wouldn’t like that at all!

Guidance and healing movements will always be a gentle thought process in the mind. We are always being asked to trust in That Which has brought the thought to us. The wisdom within.

What else can we ever trust if not our own minds? What is preventing us from feeling certainty with the wisdom we receive from within? We are the only ones who will ever find our way out of our specific dilemma. Trusting our instincts and intuition is vital to becoming a powerful self-healer.

Representing in a Constellation workshop is a fun way to strengthen our trust in our ability to receive messages and follow our impulses. Join us for our next wisdom circle gathering!

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Is Constellations Work Real?