Calgary Constellations Workshop

Discover a new way to heal and grow

August 11th - 12th 2023

Calgary Constellations Workshop

Step Sideways into the light

Take a break from daily problem-solving and immerse yourself in one of the most effective healing experiences on the planet today.

Join a fun, collective healing journey and expand your skills as a healer, leader, and light worker with our 2-day Calgary Constellations workshop intensive.

Constellations work, also known as Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations was founded over 40 years ago by Burt Hellinger and has rapidly spread across the world as a powerful collective healing method.

Calgary Constellations Workshop

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

Systemic Constellations work is governed by a concept called The Knowing Field.  This idea is known in every culture of the world.  We can call it the Tao, the morphic field, the Good Red Road, the Akashic Records, or many other names that point us in the direction of the unified field of love and grace that governs the foundation of life.

Systems Constellation work looks at the individual components of a system such as a family or an organization, and it follows the movements of those components as they strive towards balance and harmony with the whole.  The name Constellations is a metaphorical description of the process which takes into account various aspects of a whole issue.  Like stars in the sky, aspects of our lives exist in a larger context and all those aspects are moving as one in relation to one another.  

This work is a profoundly sophisticated method of observing the energy dynamics involved in our life situations.  Setting up a Constellation reveals surprising truths about our life circumstances and offers us a pathway toward release and improvements.

This 3-day Calgary Constellations workshop will set up six Constellations a day.  All participants will be involved with the Constellation process and assist in discovering the healing movement needed for each unique situation.  To learn more about how the Constellations healing method works please visit our Family Constellations information page.

Join the Calgary Constellations Workshop

Early Registration

(Before June 30th)

With a Constellation : C$310

Without a Constellation: C$210

Regular Price

(After June 30th)

With a Constellation: C$390


Without a Constellation: C$260


About the Facilitator Jess Hagan

jessica hagan

Jessica Hagan has discovered that medicine is a way… a movement, not an object to be consumed.  To overcome a life challenge we must move through it, let it change us, and make it part of us rather than try to get rid of it.  

She has been providing private life guidance sessions since 2004.  She is trained in alternative, nature-based methods to assist and hold space for people struggling with anxiety, PTSD, substance and process addictions as well as debilitating depression. She also offers life coaching for anyone needing a bit of structure to achieve a life goal.  Working with a variety of tools both ancient and modern, Jessica Hagan offers life guidance and workshops, in Los Angeles, California to help people live productive, creative, and peaceful lives. 



Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need to bring food?

There will be snacks available and you are welcome to contribute to a pot-luck style snack area.  But please bring your own lunch.  We will take an hour break. 

Will any of the gatherings take place online?

No, these are in-person, 3D gatherings that do not yet accommodate a hybrid video component.

What is the refund policy?

There is a full refund available up to two weeks prior to the gathering. Shorter notice requests for refunds will receive 50% back or credit to attend a future date.  

Is this workshop dangerous?

There is no physical strain or athletic activity in these workshops.  No mind/body-altering substances are used (aside from coffee and tea, and chocolate!)  It is possible that our ego’s may find this work dangerous because it will be asking us to consider new perspectives on old thought patterns we may have become used to.  It may also reveal a surprising, unexpected insight.  This workshop is for people who are ready to shift old beliefs and find resources for new, healthier perspectives.

Can I bring my Animal Companion?

Animals are very welcome, but if they become loud or agitated you will need to remove them from the group.  Also, if it turns out someone is allergic we will need to respect that participant’s situation and remove the animal companion.

What if I need to leave early?

Please try your very best to attend the entire event you sign up for.  People will be showing up to support you in your work and discovery process.  It is only right to be there for them as well.  Please do not leave early.

Can I buy a Constellation for a friend or family member?

We prefer that all participants register themselves.  While it is a very loving gesture to want to give this work as a gift to someone we care about, it is not guaranteed that they will want to participate.  This work is very courageous and personal.  Please encourage loved ones to join in but do not register for them.

Have another question?