Books about Family Constellations Work

Good Books About Family Constellations Work Suggested Reading List

One of the most frequent questions I get at my Constellations Workshops is if I know any good books about Family Constellations Work.  There are many.  I’ve not read them all, but I’ve read quite a few and so I’ve decided to create a reading list to answer that popular question.

Reading books about Family Constellation’s work is, obviously, quite different from taking live, interactive workshops. But sometimes a book is just what we need to connect our verbal and nonverbal awareness.  Sometimes we need to learn through dynamic social interactions.  And sometimes we need to retreat and learn through quiet solitude.  As we expand and grow, we are always navigating back and forth between private study and social study.  I am a huge fan of book therapy.  A good book can be a real companion on those cozy days when it is time to rest and restore with a cozy hot cup of comfort.  And very often the insights we gain through books can inform our responses at our next workshop in creative and exciting ways.  

I will constantly be adding to this list as I, myself discover new titles.  Check back occasionally to see if anything new has appeared.  And when you are ready to emerge from your private study time, we hope to meet you at one of our in-person Constellations workshops!  Join us in the Knowing Field.

Good books about Family Constellations Work


Laws of Healing 

The Constellations Approach

Even If It Costs Me My Life

Family Constellations

The Language of the Soul

Connecting to our Ancestral Past

Want to watch rather than read?

Family Constellations VIDEO LIBRARY

And here are a few links to archival video footage of Bert Helligner’s workshops.  Watch how the founder of Family Constellations work navigated the healing movement in a variety of ways with these video tutorials: