Escape the medical system and become a healer

Escape the medical system and become a healer

Physical illness is a spiritual conflict.

When Western medicine only focuses on what is happening in the body and how to stop it, the entire source of the issue is overlooked. Getting rid of physical symptoms by either cutting them out and throwing them in the garbage or suppressing them with numbing medications is no way to solve a problem. A symptom is a discomfort in the body or mind caused by a mental or emotional pain. The symptom did not create itself. Some deeper energy within caused the symptom to arise.  

A symptom is an expression of the problem, not the actual problem.  Focusing on getting rid of symptoms will never resolve the source energy causing the expression of that problem in the first place.  Trying to do so is much like trimming back a vine rather than digging deep to uproot it.  Cut something away and it will grow back. Cover something up and it will rise up and overpower.  To release a struggle, we must follow the winding, tangled issue to its source.  That source is energetic in nature, not physical. All physical issues come from mental energy, which is to say, from faulty logic.

Every physical thing in nature is an expression of a spiritual dimension.  All physical illnesses have spiritual reasons for manifesting. A symptom is an indication of an unresolved spiritual conflict in one’s mind.  An infection is an infection, physically. But an infection is also a spiritual learning process, a conversation about some aspect of our character in need of refinement.  A rash is an irritation of the skin reflecting an irritation about some life condition we are resisting.  A cough is a weight in the chest which is also a weight in our soul.  Grief and anger are always at the root of physical symptoms.  Grief and anger are a result of running faulty logic.  To become a healer is to realize that some aspect of life is not what we thought it was and we do not know yet how to reconcile this fact.  And so… symptoms arise.

Once a symptom has fully arrived in our body as a physical expression, we can know that we have a thought system in place that is misguided and in need of review. That symptom is an energy field that has a specific logic to it.  That logic is technically irrational, as in, mistaken, hence the discomfort.  But it is difficult to see when we are functioning from faulty logic because the nature of logic is so very convincing when we are in it.  Logic convinces itself of its certainty even while parading a grave error in perception.  Examining our thoughts is a tricky activity because it requires us to separate from the thought system we are running.  Most often when we think we are witnessing our thoughts in a neutral way, we are really just cycling through them round and round.  To reach a witnessing place within us take a bit more effort.

To correct faulty logic causing us physical symptoms, we first need to calm down about the existence of that symptom.  Fear of a symptom is actually an emotional distraction that pulls our attention away from the bigger questions and holds us in a panic state about our physical well-being.  If we can connect to a larger sense of identity beyond our physical body, we can become curious about the problem our soul is working through.  We can gain a bit of calm about the disruption and see that the expression of the symptom is not what is dangerous to us.  The danger lies in the misguided logic.  That misguided logic is always about identifying with a physical (i.e. temporary) part of ourselves rather than our eternal higher self that is on an ever-expanding adventure through time and space.  Connecting to a higher sense of who and what we are is at the heart of all healing.  Releasing our grip on our physical body reconnects us to a source of calm.  Cultivating calm in the face of distress enables us to also cultivate curiosity.  To become a healer we must become curious.  Curiosity will lead us to ask the real question about our physical symptoms which is, “What is this ailment really about? What is the true nature of this pain telling me about my life?”

The next step needed for the healing process to occur once we are calm enough to grow curious is to let go of the logic that created the symptom and to follow the energy toward resolution or revelation.  Our brain is not going to think its way out of a mistaken logic.  That mistaken logic is a loop that just goes round and round.  We have to observe that loop to see it clearly.  To observe we must grow curious.  Curiosity is the beginning of observation.  Observing is not doing.  Observing is a state of non-interference. 

Healing is not something we do.  It is something we get out of the way of and allows.  You can see this fact most clearly when healing physical symptoms.  If we sprain a part of our body, we have to stop taking action with that part of our body in order for it to get better.  If we keep walking on or using a sprained body part, we delay the healing and lengthen the agony.  Lying down and doing nothing but wait is all we can do every time.  The movement is done for us.  Our body heals itself naturally when we get out of its way. 

The same is true when healing mental and emotional symptoms as well.  The mind heals naturally too when we get out of its way.  When navigating an internal emotional distress, we rarely get out of our way to let the healing event move to its completion.  Like continuing to throw rocks into a pond, we usually add extra agitations to our healing process that compound our distress even while being irrelevant to the core problem.  We get upset about a symptom and then we get upset about getting upset.  So the first order of business is cultivating calm in the face of distress.  

Entering a state of curious witness of the problem we carry is really about learning how to step aside and allow a power larger than our own tiny mind to move us forward and restore wholeness for us.  Healing is not something we do.  It is something we allow to be done for us.  Healing is a movement we get moved by.  This means that all healing events come from a greater power.  The question behind every symptom is, “What is your mind holding onto and why?”  The answer to this question will always be emotional, which is to say an energetic sensation, not a rational thought.

Rational thought tries to make sense of reality and usually gets it all wrong because at the heart of reality dwells an astounding and eternal mystery.  The best we can ever do to shift an ailment is to learn how to get our rational mind to step aside and let ourselves follow the mystery wherever it takes us.  This brave act is true science even though many so-called scientists scoff at discussions of the Great Mystery.  But true science is curiosity and witnessing what is true.  The healing process is inexplicable.  It is larger than us.  Healing is the process of turning towards a higher power.  Putting down the notion that we have the ability to fix ourselves and becoming willing to be guided, through a yielding process into release and relief.  Are we willing to put our burden down and let it be carried for us?  Or do we need to carry that weight a bit longer?

What is the real nature of what you are struggling with?

The healing approach known as Systemic Constellations work is a very powerful method for achieving greater objectivity around an issue.  Constellation work is becoming a global movement that will prevail as a truly effective healing resource on earth because it not only cultivates simple, compassionate curiosity, it does so as a collective.  We heal best when in community because social connection is the biggest indicator of wellness.  That does not mean we should all become extroverts.  It means we, as a whole, learn to accept and enjoy the diversity of personalities all around us  while also holding true to our own.  

Escape the medical system and become a healer.  Connect with others and discover a new way to move through life challenges.

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Escape the medical system and become a healer