Ari Kaufman

Ari Kaufman

Hi, I’m Ari,

I believe that conventional Western medicine is designed to keep you in a toxic pharmaceutical loop to trap you into a never-ending process of paying for a cure that never truly cures anything.  I know from experience that the Western medical system did not heal the injuries that were at the root of my health issues.  I believe our society can do better.  I offer safe, natural, holistic support for people struggling with addictions and compulsions. Relief and improvement begin when we learn how to open up and see the destructive patterns we have been running without judgment or shame.  To get out of the patterns that hurt us, we have to look at them first.  

About Ari Kaufman

As someone who ran away from the dark, destructive patterns most of my life, I know firsthand how hard it is to turn around and look at what one’s life has become.  Western medicine doesn’t make it easy for us to stop and look within.  The health system I encountered was in fact, quite unhealthy in many ways.  It was designed to keep me on the run.  But with a bit of patience and a lot of persistence, I know we can improve how we help others. 

I am committed to making a positive difference in this world and helping others who, like me, got lost in the Western medical industrial complex.