Alternative Holistic Self-Discovery Sessions 90-Minute Private Sessions In Person or Online

Alternative Holistic Self-Discovery Sessions


I ask questions, listen, and help navigate your thought patterns out of negative beliefs using the Systemic Constellations approach. We work with external objects, written prompts, and interactive free-association to investigate hidden dynamics in any challenging relationship or condition you may be facing.


Constellations work is very different from traditional talk therapy. It does not spend time on recounting past experiences or verbally analyzing an issue. 

Working with a Systemic approach creates an experiential component beyond intellectual understanding. It is only when our understanding of a situation meets an experience of new information that a situation can change.

Along with Family Constellations group workshops, I offer several ways to investigate a life challenge with private Alternative Self-Discovery Sessions.  These sessions use a Constellation approach as well as IFS work to avoid getting stuck in our intellectual thought patterns about the issue and avoid circling the airport on finding true resolution.

Whether you are finding your way out of debilitating depression, navigating grief or anger, or needing a bit of guidance to achieve a life goal that is just out of reach, the services below are all creative and effective tools for gaining clarity and expansion.

My role in your discovery process is to help you dialogue your situation in a variety of creative ways to help you discover your own solutions and options.  With interactive dialoguing and inspiring activities, I am happy to be a guide through your discovery process.  In my Alternative Self-Discovery Sessions, I teach how to work with IFS, Spirit Animal Life Guidance and the Systemic Constellations approach as a way to problem solve and improve a situation.  We can work with one exclusive approach for the whole session or explore them in combination. 

If you would like to explore a new, creative way through a physical, mental, or emotional struggle without surgery, pharmaceuticals, or traditional psychotherapy you might want to consider trying one of our alternative approaches.  

Personal growth, self-improvement, and long-lasting change happen best when we diversify how we explore old thought patterns keeping us stuck.

It is free to use the scheduler below to make an appointment.  Please use the checkout process above to send payment.  If you wish to use a different form of payment, please contact me to arrange that. I do not accept PayPal.
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If you cancel two days in advance I offer a full refund.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before the appointment, I offer a reschedule.  
I look forward to working with you!

Our Self-Discovery Methods:

  • Offer a safe space to heal and problem-solve to reestablish well-being and clarity.
  • Build awareness of nature-based shamanic wisdom as reliable methods for daily wellness.
  • Teach tools and techniques for resolving grievances that block peace.
  • Expand awareness of the Sacredness in all things, events, and experiences.
  • Deepen a connection with the spiritual (non-physical) aspects of life.
  • Can take place in-person or online.
  • Can be recorded for later review if scheduled online.

Methods and approaches I work with:


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