Nature-based Life Guidance in the City

Alternative Healing Resources

Welcome to the Urban Healers Alternative Healing Resource page! If you have found your way here, it’s likely because you’re curious about ways to address physical and emotional struggles that go beyond conventional medical approaches. Well, you’re in the right place! This is where we explore the world of alternative healing, focusing on some of my favorite tools: A Course In Miracles, Spirit Animal Life Guidance, Family Constellations work, Internal Family Systems, and many other topics. This is where I write about the tools and spiritual practices that have helped me most in my own life.

A blog about the healing arts

In this blog project, you can find articles on a variety of topics ranging from trauma recovery to gluten-free bread and awesome music.  Here is where we post about upcoming events, explore the latest innovations in self-discovery, and applaud leaders in the field of healing.

I decided early on that I would not engage in traditional Western medicine, therapies, or surgeries as a way to address pain and injury. I decided, instead to seek out Alternative Healing Resources and to forge my own path through an uncharted forest of ancient healing techniques as well as new, innovative approaches. I not only discovered truly joyful healing methods, but I have also enriched my life adventures immensely. 

If you feel reluctant or skeptical of alternative healing, I can relate. We live in a commerse driven culture that aims to sell products and to assumes great authority over the human body. This cultural environment enables great innovation and exploration. But relying on external tools often gets in the way of being able to locate our own inner awareness of what feels right for us to do. Real healing is about finding what we need from within our own system. 

I like to approach unfamiliar concepts with a healthy dose of skepticism. That’s good science. But proof is not always available to validate genuine methods of improvement. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” It is an age-old situation. An innovator of some new wisdom is ridiculed before theri insight is eventually accepted as common knowledge. Science is only one part of the discovery process. 

These posts encourage you to keep an open mind and consider the possibility that there’s more to life than meets the eye. 

A blog about Power Animal Life Guidance

Have you ever felt a deep connection to a particular animal or found yourself drawn to images of certain animals? This might be your spirit animal trying to communicate with you! Spirit animal guidance is a beautiful practice that invites us to connect with the wisdom of the natural world and receive guidance and support from our animal allies.

For me, meditating on the beauty and behavior of animals has always helped me locate calm, clear answers about what to do next on a practical level. I blog about my meditations with animals here and hope you find answers to a particular challenge. Whether it’s through dreams, meditation, or encounters in nature, spirit animal guides can always find a way to show up and offer support when we open our imaginations to their wisdom and messages.

Animals are our teachers and our friends.  We share this earth with many many other beings who are different and not so different from us.  By pondering their shape, behaviors, and habitats we not only learn about the companions we share this world with, we discover profound teachings about our own psyches and our place in the cosmos.  Working with Power Animals is a creative and empowering Alternative Healing Resources.

A modern translation of A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles (ACIM), is a profound spiritual text that has touched the lives of many people, including myself. Taking the year-long course guides us into shifting our perception from fear to inner peace and spiritual awakening. 

When I first encountered ACIM, I was skeptical, but as I delved deeper into its teachings, I found myself experiencing a very real and practical improvement to my over-all stress levels. Taking that daily course helped me build a sturdy sense of peace and clarity. I blog here about the daily lessons to help anyone who might want to complete that course.

If you are reading A Course In Miracles, you may find this blog a helpful supplement to your journey. In this blog I endeavor to translate the daily lessons without religious termenology. If you are new to A Course In Miracles, it is recommended to begin this course from the first lesson and go in numerical sequence.