About Jessica Hagan

Hi, I'm Jess

I believe that the tools for navigating the stress of life should be affordable and available when you need help most. It is my passion to share with others the truly effective tools and methods I have discovered over the years for healing from debilitating injuries both physical and emotional.

About Jessica Hagan

Jessica Hagan has discovered that medicine is a way… a movement, not an object to be consumed.  To overcome a life challenge we must move through it, let it change us, and make it part of us rather than try to get rid of it.  

She is a self-published author and an Internationally trained Constellations facilitator who has been providing private life guidance sessions since 2008.  She is trained in alternative, nature-based methods to assist and hold space for people struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance and behavior addictions,  as well as life coach anyone needing a bit of structure to achieve a life goal.  Wherever you may be on your learning path, Jess would be honored to help you explore and discover pathways towards empowerment. Working with a variety of tools both ancient and modern, Jessica Hagan offers private life guidance and group workshopsin Los Angeles, California to help people live productive, creative, and peaceful lives. 

Her work studies and aligns with the Systemic Constellations world view established by Burt Hellinger

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