A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1

A Course In Miracles Review Lessons 111 through 115

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To begin, start with lesson one and proceed each day with the next lesson.  This spiritual teaching is a very specific curriculum that is best followed through the original course outline.  If you’ve been following the course lessons consecutively, it is now time for another review! 

Here are helpful images to remind you of each of the two review lessons for the next ten days.  Feel free to pull them onto your desk top. 

The Review Structure:

The structure of the review sessions has two components.  1st– We are asked to devote 5 minutes twice a day upon waking and going to sleep to contemplate the review lessons.  You can sit for longer if it feels easy to do so.  It may be helpful to read over the text and comments for each review as a way to help your attention connect to the messages.  Contemplate each phrase and ask yourself what you think it means.  Do this for 5 minutes first thing in the morning or as soon as you can get to it as well as last thing at night before going to sleep.

2nd– Beyond the two longer practice sessions, we are asked to call to mind each of the two teachings every hour.  This means we think of one at the top of the hour and we think of the second one at the half-hour mark.  This means that twice an hour you will interrupt what you are doing for one minute to let your eyes fall upon the text.  Write it on a note card if you have a hard time recalling it from memory.  These brief, frequent sessions are disruptors to the old logic pathways we function from on a daily basis.  They will bring in a new perspective and change how we experience whatever we are doing. 

If you are like me, you probably have a few old cell phones lying around.  Turn one into a dedicated alarm system for your Course In Miracles practice and set an alarm for every 30 minutes for the next ten days.  Then alternate contemplating the days two lessons for a minute or less.  The goal is to interrupt your usual attention and build a new habit of bringing these ideas to mind often.  When we are able to recall these messages easily, we will bring them into our daily struggles in a practical way.

Here are images for the first ten days.

A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1
A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1
A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1
A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1
A Course In Miracles Review Lessons Part 1
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